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Washing your brain is not brain washed It’s just smart! Here’s why. -Laura Grace

Romans 12:2
And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.anointed for this  
Many people worry, or seem to think, that Christians are just “brainwashed,” but that’s not true. We just understand the importance, of our brains being washed (in the Word) and the filth of this world, being washed away. 
You may very well have given your heart (and life) To Jesus, but if we refuse to allow God to do the transformation (by the renewing of our mind) the bible states clearly, we will not truly know what the will of God is, for our lives.
If we don’t know what the will of God is, we are susceptible to all kinds of beliefs, thoughts, and the input of the evil one
Our mind (and our thinking) will take us places, we don’t want to go. Have we seen someone (including ourselves) make bad decisions? Someone can have a good heart, and good intentions, but if they refuse to take authority over their own mind, and replace carnal thinking with God thinking, their intentions will come to naught. 
Transformation by the renewing of our mind, is not just learning scripture. 
It’s a process of uprooting our own thoughts, other people’s thoughts, the devil’s thoughts, (and input) and replacing it with the life-giving seeds of God’s word. 
If we were gardening we would not deliberately plant weeds, in our natural gardens. Why then, do we become so careless, in allowing weeds, (contrary thoughts to God’s word) In our hearts, and minds? It takes patience, and it is a lot of work! 
This is why the bible says, to imitate those who through faith and patience, received God’s promise. We all want short cuts. Tell me, do gardens turn out well, when people try to take short cuts? What if they pray and never weed their garden? Will it be good? I think not. 
A lot of the problems people have, as believers, has little to do with the devil’s direct influence, and everything to do with what’s been planted, in the garden of their mind. 
As you go out to try and “save the world’ From not believing in Christ, don’t forget your own mind is a garden, that needs continual renewal, day by day. 
Don’t leave the thinking up to your Pastor. Allow God to transform YOUR heart and mind, so that you can prove the (acceptable) and perfect will of God for your life.  We 
have one life, one shot to live in Victory. Choose well. Choose life. 
-With love and affection for all God’s children, 
Laura Grace Author Grace to Grow Grace to Grow the Study guide (available on Amazon) 

One thought on “Washing your brain is not brain washed It’s just smart! Here’s why. -Laura Grace

  1. I sometimes have trouble making a choice between knowledge and blind belief. But then I remember that God asks us to gain knowledge no matter how difficult it is to acquire, and therefore I pray to God to help me on the path of knowledge so my belief can be strengthened.
    On this path I’ve discovered that every person has different interpretations of God’s words so my solution is to read and listen to as much interpretations as I can in hopes of finding the true meaning.


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