I am a Pastor

I am a Pastor! And an Evangelist, and I write books, so that makes me an author too. I am a leader, I am a worshipper and I can lead worship when needed. I’m a wife, a mom, and a grandma. I am a pet-owner, Home-owner and friend to many! Now say with me “by the Grace of God” I am anointed to do whatever He’s called me to do!

And guess what he has called you to do my friend?

Whatever he is placing in your life, He has called you to do that! It’s how you know!

And when he places it there you find, “you are good at it,” and you have a Passion for it too.

When there is a calling on your life, nobody can stop you! You Just have to go do it! Whatever it is!

Today I met with a Pastor of many years and he told me this (when I was seeking licensing through their church) “You are already a Pastor, you have stepped into the office.”

I am amazed by what he said to me today. I shouldn’t be but, I am.

He said “Yes I will cover you.”

Prior to that, another Pastor agreed to cover me.

Prior to that, God sent and Apostle and Prophet to cover me in prayer.

How Much more proof do I need? I am a Pastor! (and I do have a church) but right now, it happens to be a church made without hands. And that’s good with me! This great thing called the Body of Christ “world wide assembly” of the brethren, indeed is, a church made without hands. My Love to you all! Stay Salty! (More on that later) -:)

Laura Grace

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