Is it me, the devil, or a brain malfunction?

So, let’s be real here. 🙂 So often, when something is happening, we don’t know what to think as far as “Where this trial is coming from (or what is happening!).

I remember years ago, I was under a pastor that truly believed there was no merit in psychology What he saw (I think) is a mis-use of that profession at times, and even tho there ARE certain issues with the brain (malfunctioning) and there ARE mental illnesses or even damage to the cerebral cortex or neurons have been damaged (and so on) there are also other times a psychologist who will NOT acknowlege spiritual truths and principles have mis-diagnosed or make excuses for certain behaviors that should be addressed by God.

When someone gets diagnosed as “having anger issues” as if it’s a life long condition they cannot shake, something is wrong. I think this pastor saw this, and his focus was running off the devil, but he lacked knowlege in this particular area, at the time.

With that said, in my 33 years plus of following God (and following hard after him) I have seen in my own life, that sometimes, yes the devil is having a direct influence, and he needs to be chased off. How we do this is up to God.

There are times worship will run him off (true worship) or sometimes a person needs to say “get behind me satan” or satan “You have no place in my life so flee in Jesus’ name”

Other times, we are dealing with a person who (can be) angry, bitter, vengeful, spiteful, controlling (not a demon but in the habit of being in control). People can be envious, have a selfish ambition for power, or be simply mischievious.

IF we do not ask God “WHAT” Is going on (each and every time) and trust his Spirit To guide us (and renew our mind on his words) How can we possibly assess what is truly going on? God is the ultimate counsellor and when he sends you to help a person “HE WANTS TO EQUIP YOU FOR IT!”

Sometimes, people in the development stages of GIFTINGS Of the Spirit, have a day they are on target (God showing them something true) and the next day, it’s like “What happened?” (Because you know something is off in what they are saying to you!). Why does this happen?

Well, mostly it happens because people make mistakes while they are developing in God, just like children make mistakes when they are growing up. It’s how they learn!

Listen, I am here to say “don’t be so hard on yourself and others over their mistakes” (at least they tried!). I think it’s time we again need to learn to discern between a person who is growing (and made a mistake in the process) and a person who has malicious intent to harm us.

I made a lot of mistakes in my life time, and I thank GOD for his willingness to forgive me and say “Get up Laura, Try again”

I can always forgive and love a person who stays humble who does not think “They have arrived” or “they are all that.” I can forgive those who don’t but let’s be honest: A person who is stuck in pride and refuses to grow is very hard to work with.

amen? Give them to Jesus, and move on…

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