Happy New Year! No more Resolutions (and why)

I’m not making any New Year Resolutions this year. By the way “HAPPY NEW YEAR!”

I feel like our lives should be the same all the time, you know? Asking God “What do you want today Father?”

Some of you may not have established him as “Your Father” because to you, He still seems far away.

I can remember when I felt that way. Wondering if God even cared about me……..

I used to start my prayers like this, “I know I’m nobody but ..….”

That was a long time ago. Since then, God has shown me I am special to him. Do I deserve it? No.

I needed a Father, mine was not there for me. I tried drowning myself in alchohol and other mind numbing things…and it didnt’ work for long, Plus I did not like who I was becoming.

So, I gave my life to Jesus. People have let me down, but Jesus never has. I struggle at times to get across this great gift to others, as I want so much for you to have him too.

“so Father, If anyone is reading this and doesn’t know you, would you please help them to know you? I know you want that for them! Please give them your special plan Just for Them…….and lead them into the way everlasting.” Amen

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