About Laura

I was that “unpopular” wierdo kid, that didn’t fit in anywhere, in High School. I guess I never knew my place in life, until Jesus took me in. I’ve been rejected, misunderstood, left out, bullied, abused, scandalized, and labeled. In 2002 I got on a bus and left a marraige of sixteen years, that was fraught with abuse and heartache. In school, I used to be so afraid to stand in front of the class and speak, my hands would visibily shake, and I could not look at my audience without being terrified.

Years later, I find myself leading a school music production, speaking in front of churches, and walking around with confidence, because I know the King of Kings is at my side.

My ministry, prayers and blogs are directed toward those who feel like they were never enough. You never fit in. You lacked confidence.

My understanding of scripture was hard-won. I may not be the most theological person you ever met, but I am a daily studier of the word of God. I have journalled, prayed, and sat with the Holy Spirit, and my bible for over 30 years now, seeking answers to questions in my every day life with him. I insist that what I speak about, I have personally experienced it for myself.

I also attended Liberty University (school of theolody) and Christian Counselling.

I believe he wants to talk to you (and to me) and that your relationship with God is every bit as important to him as his relationship with some big-name minister. He cherishes you. My main thrust is evangalism to the lost, hope to the hurting, and revitalized love to those who thought they knew God, but someone cut in on them and told them they didn’t.

If I can help you in any way, if you need a special speaker to speak hope to the hurting, or if you would like a copy of my Testimony book (Grace to the Rescue) let me know. I am here for you.

With Love, Laura

I can be reached at sisterzeal@yahoo.com

My Book is available Here: https://www.amazon.com/Grace-Rescue-testimony-1/dp/1548002461/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=grace+to+the+rescue+by+Laura+Grace&qid=1619108065&sr=8-4

3 thoughts on “About Laura

  1. Hello breatherens, i like to comment how wonderful and inspiring your website what wonderful message that is good food in due season i trully see the hand of God in your website . How exciting finding your site these is going to be great blessing to our church here in kenya africa it would be great to have you here coming to visit and teach us i look forward to learning more from your ministry over the internet and other information you might kindly send to help me and my people thank you for the good work you are doing please accept our request of visiting us here in kenya and help us with church materials so that we can grow in his love .also we are involved in caring for the needy orphans kindly.Pray for them.


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