Happy New Year! No more Resolutions (and why)

I’m not making any New Year Resolutions this year. By the way “HAPPY NEW YEAR!”

I feel like our lives should be the same all the time, you know? Asking God “What do you want today Father?”

Some of you may not have established him as “Your Father” because to you, He still seems far away.

I can remember when I felt that way. Wondering if God even cared about me……..

I used to start my prayers like this, “I know I’m nobody but ..….”

That was a long time ago. Since then, God has shown me I am special to him. Do I deserve it? No.

I needed a Father, mine was not there for me. I tried drowning myself in alchohol and other mind numbing things…and it didnt’ work for long, Plus I did not like who I was becoming.

So, I gave my life to Jesus. People have let me down, but Jesus never has. I struggle at times to get across this great gift to others, as I want so much for you to have him too.

“so Father, If anyone is reading this and doesn’t know you, would you please help them to know you? I know you want that for them! Please give them your special plan Just for Them…….and lead them into the way everlasting.” Amen


#12 A Quiet Christmas

Yes, we had a nice Christmas……..

It was quiet here. I got up Christmas morning, had my coffee, said my prayers, and started making breakfast and preparations for dinner. The night before, I was asked to do “Renewing of Marraige Vows” online with a friend, so I had prepped for that the day before. I video chatted with my grandchildren (all but one). I made Tim a heart shaped cake with no frosting (His one request for Christmas treats) and made myself gluten free brownies……Our dog (cooper) got some special dog treats as well. 🙂

After the “online wedding” I did, The husband of my friend asked me about the JOY bottles behind me, so I moved over to let him see. In the process of that, I didn’t pay attention and literally “Fell off my chair’ an onto the floor! 😮😄

The chromebook went flying, I could not get OFF the floor and had to have help! It was pretty funny (but scary) I had started prepping for Christmas 30 days in advance. I’m so glad I did! Christmas was my happy thought this year- because for me, Jesus is at the center of this blessed Holiday.

I refuse to allow Corona Virus or anything else take away my Joy or Good Cheer! So when God said, “whatever is true, whatever has virtue, whatever is lovely or admirable” (Phill 4:8) “Think on these things…..Well for me, Christmas fits that description. I have asked God for a month why do I love Christmas so much? Is that you Lord? And this was my answer: Christmas is a great thing to meditate on because it so often brings out the best in people. love you all! -Laura Grace


#9 Christmas in 2012 (at our old house)

Christmas 2012 at our house

How well I remember 2012! That was the year the world was suppose to end, remember?

There were even movies made about it.

In 2012, I put Christmas outside on the deck, because our house was only 640 square feet (That is small!) I put cups with goodies in them under the tree and wrapped them up (and prayed over them).

I said a prayer that whoever God wanted to bless, he would send them to receive the gifts. I had prayed whoever received these cups, their cup would “run over……” I felt led by God to do this.

Every recipient got a special blessing that following year. (Yes, I kept track). One person had a baby when they thought they couldn’t. Another got a huge financial blessing. Whoever came to my house that year, was invited to select a package with a cup inside, until they were all gone.

I am sharing this because this year (like any other) I am asking God to lead and guide me. What do you think Christmas should be? Maybe we should ask him! Wise men still seek him. 🙂

A Prayer: Father we ask you this, “Bless christmas this year” Let it be memorable, happy, and fun. Let your Spirit be with us we pray! Thank you for filling the rooms of our house with Your Love Father! And we ask you if we need them, you would bestow upon us “christmas miracles’ this year. In Jesus’ name. Amen”


Christmas # 8 “Nostalgic Christmas”

When I was a kid, I could not wait for Mom to get out this sled and reindeer. It was my favorite Christmas thing of hers. This year she told me to take it home with me. as she ‘has no room for it.” She said. I can remember her wrapping tiny presents to go in the sled and putting it away with care every year.

It has to be 50 years old at least, and it’s fragile. Amazing it’s not broken and all in once piece. I like modern things but I also treasure old things. I am a very sentimental person. I once had shoe boxes full of letters from my friend and had not intention of getting rid of them!

I guess there doesn’t have to be a lesson in every post! Just sharing another Christmas memory and why this decoration is so meaningful to me. Mom cherished this set. It’s how she expressed her love for Christmas each year, besides cooking for us and taking us to church and all the other things she did.

I hope your Christmas prep is going well! Stay Calm! Try to enjoy it! Christmas only comes but once a year.

Love and hugs


On Mask Wearing ……….

I”ve worn a mask because they said to ……but I gotta tell you this. I was putting away some groceries and thought, “How do I know who touched this stuff? Have I washed all my groceries? The answer is no I have not. Reflecting on how the #1 we transmit disease is touching it and touching our face/mouth.

I think it’s time we reflect on a forgotten verse in Luke 17. “He who tries to save his life” (we are told) will lose it.This is the crux of having Faith is to know “To trust God” means to give up “Faith in ourselves.” It doesn’t mean we are stupid, but this mask mandate and shut downs is not what I consider to be “smart.”

It’s not smart to stop living. (Jesus said so) It’s not smart to live in fear (Jesus said so, again).

He showed us the way to life eternal and abundant life on this earth. “Mask Mandates” are not fair. It’s Controlling. If you want to wear a mask wear one, stay home if you wish………

Yes it’s human nature to think about ourselves all the time and how we can ‘save our own life,” However…..That is not God’s way (nor his path to life). Consider what I am saying here, and let the Holy Spirit be your guide. God alone is wise!

Luke 17:33 Whoever tries to keep their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life will preserve it.”


Miracles happen…….

People love the miraculous, “Things that are astounding.” The definition of miracle from one source is this: “The definition of a miracle is the occurrence of an amazing and improbable event, often interpreted to have religious origins and to have been caused by God.”

Long ago I said to God, “If I”m going to speak up for you and tell people about you, I need to see the reality of your promises being true in my life.” I understood I could not tell people something if I did not know for MYSELF It was entirely true….I don’t believe in “religious props for hire.” I don’t believe in being one of them, either. I’m not going to stand and tell people something that has not been proven (to be true) in my own life. God has defended me, restored me, justified me, provided for me, sheltered me, healed me, answered countless prayers (so many I can hardly remember them all). Does he do things my way? No, he does not. My story is Gods’ story “His imprint’ upon my life. I think from God’s perspective, the biggest miracle will always be a transformed heart, willing to please him. ❤

Mary was willing to bear the supposed shame of having a child that appeared to be out of wedlock, born in a manger and not in a grand palace. The wise men were willing to follow a star, keeping silent even tho the King ordered them to tell where the child was……Jesus didn’t do a fundraiser to provide for himself, the wise men brought them gold, frankencinse and myrrh in secret. Even our saviour’s birth tells the story of how God’s miracles really work. It was a miracle an angel warned Joseph not to go to Bethlehem (Matthew 2:12) but It was also a miracle Joseph listened. If he had not listened, Jesus may have been snuffed out by Herod’s evil edict.

When God chose Joseph to be Jesus’ “Parent” he knew Joseph would obey him. That’s why he chose him.

“I pray Father we see your hand in our lives today and see the Miraculous! I pray we will pay attention and trust your guiding hand, not grieving you by insisting upon having things our own way……and I pray for the miracle of transformed hearts……both now and forevermore….in Jesus’ mighty and powerful name. amen”


Christmas #6 Grumpy Men at Christmas time? Confessions of a Christmas addict………….

Tim at Target (Helping me shop).

This picture is of my husband Tim, when we were in Target, looking at Christmas Sweaters. He did this so I could see the approxomite size, as I was looking at a sweater for a friend. He does love Christmas, but he doesn’t like the stress that often accompanies this famous holiday. Who does?

I didn’t realize for a long time, I was the one who was making things stressful for him. I would talk about all the stuff I had to do, acting like it was one big obligation after the other. I worried about not having enough money for gifts, too. One time he sold a gun and gave me the money to buy my kids presents.

Other years, (to my almost shame) we went into debt over it. I don’t like to admit I have crossed the line from “enjoying Christmas” to being addicted to doing all the things I THINK I must do (at Christmas time).

There is one little scripture I want to mention: 2 Corn 9:7 “God loves a Cheerful giver”

There is no time of year like Christmas, to bring out the best and worst in people. If we do things grudgingly or out of compulsion, God may not be as pleased as we think. “OH WOE” I used to cry out- “I have to do this and I have to do that…….” And do I like to admit this to you? NO I do not!

Not every man is grumpy because of their wives, but you can bet if they lost their little boy wonder about it all, it was probably due to grave disappointment(s) at some time in their lives. This particular year, Tim started getting his JOY back over the Holiday.

Christmas is one time of year we should not be under obligations, trying to hold our noses right, or trying to follow some list of rules of “How Christmas ought to be.” BUT we do it to ourselves if we insist on trying to make everyone happy (starting with that Santa Claus gift we HAVE To get for the children).

I had a guy tell me recently, “Don’t tell anyone I said this but I do love Christmas, the trees, the lights……” Some men don’t think it’s manly to get goo goo about Christmas time. Others dread the commercialism, and how they might fail people if they don’t get the right gift, or have enough money to get the right thing. For them it feels like a big test or final exam at school, and all they feel is the potential failure looming on the horizon!

How can we make Christmas better for our men (and loved ones?). We can set them free from Obligations! “YOU DON”T HAVE TO GET ME ANYTHING” and I will not pout! If you get me anything at all I will smile- and be grateful you thought of me!

Yes my darlings, “Say it and mean it.” Christmas is not about what we get, it’s about what we give. Love and freedom from the chains of obligation are the best things we would ever give a person. How about “I LOVE YOU!” MERRY CHRISTMAS!! A cheerful smile and merry Heart is something we can all afford.

with Love!

Laura Grace


#5 My son, and the Christmas snowmen ….

My son was just 15, when I left his Dad. I know it was hard for him, but he also understood. It had to be done.

The first Christmas I was away, I got a box in the mail. There, in the box were these little snowme on a tobagon, that I had admired in a Christmas store back in Detroit Lakes.

I started to cry. Here he was, struggling with his own problems and feelings, and he used his money from work to buy his mom a present, box it up and send it off for Christmas ……..

Tears welled up in my eyes as I opened his gift ……..

Tears of Joy. Tears of love, Tears of Thankfulness That the ability to show love in his pain, meant he was going to be okay. Tears of forgiving myself for what I had to do……..

Every Christmas when I get them out, The tears come again………

and it’s happening again……

thank you Thomas, I will never forget what you did……