Don’t be Deceived! (You will deal with flesh and blood)

God inspired me (and I believe answered me) this morning about a question I”ve been asking him about for years. I have asked since I was a young christian, “why it is” that when I bind every devil possible and why when I choose to ONLY believe my battle is not against flesh and blood (book ofEphesians), why is it, that in some cases, I see results from my “binding the devil” while in other cases, I can pray fervently for someone for years, and see no results?

In a flash this morning, It came to be by the Holy Spirit (and revelation) as if years of seeds God has planted in me, suddenlymanifested in my heart, and the reality about foundations, all came together for me. Let me explain. 

     I was talking with a person and told them, that everything is ‘not the devil.” She didn’t believe me ……

She is a spirit-filled born again Christian. She has asked God to fill her with his Spirit, and she loves God with all of her heart, but she is locked into the idea that “Our Battle is not against Flesh and blood) (Ephesians 6) hence “everything is the devil,” and “everything requires spiritual warfare.” but, that is “NOT TRUE!”

The Fact is, some people just “want to be the way they are” and are making choices to be critical, envious, have selfish-ambition, (or even having wrath or anger) baffles this person!

Here I am, desiring and wanting so much to make her free from this frustration, which it is obvious to me, that it’s coming from a place of having been deceived.

How did this even happen? Especially when a person has asked to be Spirit Filled? THE TRUTH IS God can only fill you as much as you have emptied out “THE JUNK” to make room for his Spirit.

You can’t just walk up to a bible believing, spirit-filled Christian and say ‘Hey, I think you’ve been deceived a bit here“, can you?

No, probably not, because they have a zeal to cherish and “Hold on” to what they beleive they were taught by God, which likely came through some spirit filled teacher they have embraced, and most likely, at a very young age in their walk. 

So this is the revelation: 

     The first layer of your foundation is when you get born again, and Jesus (himself) saves you. No man can take credit for that, and you know it! Deep down, you know God saved you, so you are pretty sure he is real,and then the hunger and thirst for righteousness (and more of him), comes and you say okay Jesus, I want to follow you! Since there is no other way to follow him now, other than by the Spirit, we are susceptible to almost anyone who says they are “spirit-led.”

Somewhere in the mix of our early belief system, and I am speaking for myself here, we’ve had a leader, or someone who we admired, who gave us this Mixed bag of real (true) teachings and false teachings, some of which is because THEY walked in presumption. 

     Someone took Ephesians 6 and said, “see, it’s all the devil” but the truth is, it said YOUR BATTLE is not against flesh and blood, it did not say you are not dealing with just flesh and blood! See the difference here?

     Many of the things i had to repent for, were things I learned from supposedly qualifed leaders.

If I had not layed it all down and said “Father I mean it, I want the truth!!” And my #1 thing is “don’t allow me to be deceived” which is because I saw that i was deceieved, even though i had good intentions! Rather than being hurt and mad about it (although i wasfor awhile) i decided to buckle down and seek him for the truth in my relationship with him ON EVERY FRONT and surrendered EVERY TEACHING I’d ever learned, thought, meditated on, or “received” because i did not wish to be one who falls away in the last days……….

     Now I see that foundations (the layers of teaching) layed by some who were not all the way right, COULD HAVE caused me to fall away from God! How so?

Satan has a way of flooding us with stuff until we literally waiver, “start to fall” or perhaps just get a big crack in the wall of our spiritual house. This is how we know we need to check out the foundationof what we’ve been believing for all these years! Nobody WANTS to do this but honestly? It needs to be done.      

If you find yourself shaken, feeling a big cracked, start to deal with foundational issues TODAY before it’s too late. In the natural, a house can literally fall because of foundational issues. And this is why Jesus said:

Matthew 7:27“and the rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house; and it fell. And great was its fall.” (of that house). 


You Can Overcome!

From my FB page: https://www.facebook.com/gracetoogrow/videos/786411152170619/?__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARC0cqyu1LMLZQM8GCIZFxjuEdSHlU9-dmcAJ0sayvTrUHgmXOBA-oQTm_cix4x_GgvJXkFKFUZHraznArvNZlDk06AmCQYQwxTr_tU00v1SwVqEk3nQk_z_bhfZ_s-NuWk3nSnNlDrUW9EIdyAwTT6xu9Rr8nbvAgOiQ4cZ8HPa6xzMDCK7xeNN8_-UvDwaAjffuHd4ywgNquX0t4N8piDLvIOgvsKTd-mv1dZpYvF2jdldnQzmcKBGRuluzwt7j34CmDcH0Pd5H0Pf6OG91rXYXOgK19vrqVjQcwF_Xr94XZ-YfVlN1wfIJMko6BAxZGpi5wYGe-MxKysCuWXvL-h4G6B4ogqrGl0&__tn__=FFHHH-R


Eat your Spinach!

A bowl of Spinach………

I know this is probably not what you want to hear…….

God wants you to be well rounded! He wants your spiritual diet to be healthy, too.

3rd John 1:2 says “beloved, I desire that you prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers…”

I wish this passage was mentioned more often.

To have spiritual health, we must have every aspect of God’s word.

He said it was food.

There is a reason we have all those stories in the Old Testemant,

and all the various examples we have in the new Testemant too.

In order to prosper, we need healthy diet of God’s word.

We need the things we want to hear,

We need the things we don’t want to hear…….

My suggestion is this: Pray for spiritual health today!

Pray your soul prospers…….

And watch what God does in your life.

It will be amazing!

“I testify”

Laura Grace


Is it me, the devil, or a brain malfunction?

So, let’s be real here. 🙂 So often, when something is happening, we don’t know what to think as far as “Where this trial is coming from (or what is happening!).

I remember years ago, I was under a pastor that truly believed there was no merit in psychology What he saw (I think) is a mis-use of that profession at times, and even tho there ARE certain issues with the brain (malfunctioning) and there ARE mental illnesses or even damage to the cerebral cortex or neurons have been damaged (and so on) there are also other times a psychologist who will NOT acknowlege spiritual truths and principles have mis-diagnosed or make excuses for certain behaviors that should be addressed by God.

When someone gets diagnosed as “having anger issues” as if it’s a life long condition they cannot shake, something is wrong. I think this pastor saw this, and his focus was running off the devil, but he lacked knowlege in this particular area, at the time.

With that said, in my 33 years plus of following God (and following hard after him) I have seen in my own life, that sometimes, yes the devil is having a direct influence, and he needs to be chased off. How we do this is up to God.

There are times worship will run him off (true worship) or sometimes a person needs to say “get behind me satan” or satan “You have no place in my life so flee in Jesus’ name”

Other times, we are dealing with a person who (can be) angry, bitter, vengeful, spiteful, controlling (not a demon but in the habit of being in control). People can be envious, have a selfish ambition for power, or be simply mischievious.

IF we do not ask God “WHAT” Is going on (each and every time) and trust his Spirit To guide us (and renew our mind on his words) How can we possibly assess what is truly going on? God is the ultimate counsellor and when he sends you to help a person “HE WANTS TO EQUIP YOU FOR IT!”

Sometimes, people in the development stages of GIFTINGS Of the Spirit, have a day they are on target (God showing them something true) and the next day, it’s like “What happened?” (Because you know something is off in what they are saying to you!). Why does this happen?

Well, mostly it happens because people make mistakes while they are developing in God, just like children make mistakes when they are growing up. It’s how they learn!

Listen, I am here to say “don’t be so hard on yourself and others over their mistakes” (at least they tried!). I think it’s time we again need to learn to discern between a person who is growing (and made a mistake in the process) and a person who has malicious intent to harm us.

I made a lot of mistakes in my life time, and I thank GOD for his willingness to forgive me and say “Get up Laura, Try again”

I can always forgive and love a person who stays humble who does not think “They have arrived” or “they are all that.” I can forgive those who don’t but let’s be honest: A person who is stuck in pride and refuses to grow is very hard to work with.

amen? Give them to Jesus, and move on…


I am a Pastor

I am a Pastor! And an Evangelist, and I write books, so that makes me an author too. I am a leader, I am a worshipper and I can lead worship when needed. I’m a wife, a mom, and a grandma. I am a pet-owner, Home-owner and friend to many! Now say with me “by the Grace of God” I am anointed to do whatever He’s called me to do!

And guess what he has called you to do my friend?

Whatever he is placing in your life, He has called you to do that! It’s how you know!

And when he places it there you find, “you are good at it,” and you have a Passion for it too.

When there is a calling on your life, nobody can stop you! You Just have to go do it! Whatever it is!

Today I met with a Pastor of many years and he told me this (when I was seeking licensing through their church) “You are already a Pastor, you have stepped into the office.”

I am amazed by what he said to me today. I shouldn’t be but, I am.

He said “Yes I will cover you.”

Prior to that, another Pastor agreed to cover me.

Prior to that, God sent and Apostle and Prophet to cover me in prayer.

How Much more proof do I need? I am a Pastor! (and I do have a church) but right now, it happens to be a church made without hands. And that’s good with me! This great thing called the Body of Christ “world wide assembly” of the brethren, indeed is, a church made without hands. My Love to you all! Stay Salty! (More on that later) -:)

Laura Grace


Big Brother Syndrome……..

Big Brother Syndrome (by Laura Grace)

So many in the church seem to have what I call “big brother syndrome.” They have been faithful, paid their tithes, took care of the windows, vaccuumed the carpets, cleaned the pews.

For years they have been faithful, bad weather or good weather rain or shine. They are always in church.

Many cannot fathom or even understand the hell on earth others have walked through! In the story of the prodigal son, (Luke 15) We see a startling picture of how God views “the lost child” that went astray. When the child returns to his Father (who has been watching the road for him to return) the older brother is aghast!

“I’ve been here this whole time” (he says)! He is horrified the Father wants to kill a fatted calf and put a ring on his sons’ finger! He feels HE deserves a big reward for being faithful!

His judgment shows “That brother of mine squandered his inheritance” He yells! “He doesn’t deserve a celebration!!”

The Father gently reminds him of the true meaning of life “Your brother who was dead now lives” He says……

He knows what the little brother has suffered. His money was stolen. His friends abandoned him. He ate hog food! 😢😢😢

Heaven rejoices over one sinner repenting. The Prodigal son had to be very humble to return.
He saw the error of his ways……

So His Father rejjoiced and threw a party!

Luke 15:10 ” Just so, I tell you, there is joy before the angels of God over one sinner who repents.”


Judging a matter, vs Judging

Judgement and Judging: Let’s talk about this:

In the bible, there are many references to Judging, and Judgement.

In Every day life, the word means to be able to come to a sensible conclusion about a matter. (Webster’s Dictionary)

We are all subject to Jury duty, where we would have to hear both sides and come to a ‘conclusion” as to whether someone is innocent or guilty of a crime. Every day of our lives, we make “judgement calls.”

I had to make them while raising my kids. “No you cannot spend time with someone who (does this or that). I was not Judging them as in “pronouncing a sentence” or even saying if they MEANT to be the way they are!

God says not to hang out with hot-tempered people, he said not to be “unequally yoked” with unbelievers. He said not to listen to fools who do not fear God. Sound Judgemental?

To follow him means we HAVE TO Make some judgment calls as to what we will follow or not follow, or what we wil join ourselves with! It’s inescapable, if you want to follow Jesus.

I can remember refusing to go into a house where drugs were being celebrated and used (long ago) and being told i was Judgemental. So let’s get this straight………………….

The kind of Judging God hates is when you point out a stick in someone’s eye and you have a beam in your own! He hates the kind of Judgement where we limit who he can reach, or we fail to make what he calls “a righteous Judgement.”

Anytime we have a righteous standard based on God’s word and our conviction to follow and implement it, there are people who are going to “feel judged” but that is different from “being judged” and having a sentence imposed on us a result.

That kind of Judgement is for God alone to carry out. He said it is appointed for every man to die and then “the Judgement”

God will Judge us and does make Judgement calls all the time concerning US. He can decide if we get mercy or we are accountable. The church is supposed to judge whether a matter is right or wrong. For example, even a prophetic word given, the others are to hold that person accountable…..

1 Corinthians and especially Chapter 5 talks about all this.

“Father, Help us undertand what you mean in your word when you say “Judge not.” But then tell us the least of us can judge a matter.” Give us understanding Father, so we may learn your ways…in Jesus’ name, amen


Walking in the Light

Walking with Jesus is a rich, vibrant, life-giving, satisfying experience. It’s something I will not give up for anyone.

There are many who will never “Darken” or I should say, “enlighten” the doors of a church, because they know this, and the light they walk in is continually put down, by those who think they know better.

What I am saying is never going to be popular with the religious crowd. Those who take pride in their church attendace, rather than rejocing in their walk with Jesus,
can never comprehened the depths and riches of God’s love.

Why? Because he gives grace to the humble.

Growing is not ‘surviving’ and just “getting throug something” by the skin of your teeth. It involves getting to know Jesus in a deeper and deeper way, through every single trial and Joy.

Growing is understanding how to live in the light of Jesus, and that light involves full exposure of every bit of darkness within us.

While we undersand we are loved and cherished by Jesus, we also understand the more light of his truth we allow into our hearts, that much more of him, will be seen.

We can have as much of him as we want, or we can choose to only allow a thimble-full of HIM to live withiin us.

Everything he said in is his word IS LOVE! WE must adapt to him, not the other way around! He changes for no one!

” This is the message which we have heard from Him and declare to you, that God is light and in Him is no darkness at all. If we say that we have fellowship with Him, and walk in darkness, we lie and do not practice the truth. But if we walk in the light as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanses us from all sin.

If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. If we say that we have not sinned, we make Him a liar, and His word is not in us.” 1 John 1-8


Potatoes and Gravy!

The bible talks about the sincere “Milk of the Word” that as for those not ready for meat. What does that mean? Some concepts in the bible are hard for people to swallow (or even chew). It doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you, You just aren’t ready for it yet.

My daughter started wanting more than milk, so I gave her rice cereal, and soon that wasn’t keeping her full, so I gave her potatoes and gravy. I only gave her a few bites to make sure it wouldn’t make her sick, but then when I saw she ate it and was happy (and slept good) It was added to her menu!

One day when she got older, she started really liking steak! the word of God is food to our souls (God said so) and was never meant to be a thing we use to “Lord over others.”

It’s my aim (and goal) to write messages and books that are food to the soul! For some this is hard to grasp, they want power scriptures or magic wands. I tried to get around growing and curtail God’s plan for me at one time, it didn’t go too well! In My daily life, I was always aware of my “need to Grow’ and be able to handle EVERY aspect of life with his help!

The only way this can really happen is if we grow in Grace and the knowledge of him (In every area) otherwise we end up “spiritually dysfunctional” and it’s not Gods’ best for us!

Others can see it, and don’t want to tell us. We know it and often don’t wish to deal with it becasue we think we are grown ups now. This link takes you to my book it’s a rock bottom price so you can afford it. I make about .40 a copy. 

Love you all! Laura Grace, Author Grace to grow And this text is revised and contains a study guide. 

You have been believers so long now that you ought to be teaching others. Instead, you need someone to teach you again the basic things about God’s word. You are like babies who need milk and cannot eat solid food. Hebrews 5:12


Let’s Talk about Injustice ……..

InJustice! Let’s talk about this for a minute……by Laura Grace

It happens all the time! In big ways, in small ways, and even in life-threatening ways. I just talked to a friend having a terrible injustice issue, and I know some more as well, right now who are battliing horrible injustice issues. Not fair, they didn’t deserve this, and I’m sorry, but just saying “love your Judas” doesn’t help them recover, nor pick of the pieces of “INJUSTICE”

I”m dealing with some right now in my own life, some of it has cost us thousands of dollars and the people who do this just “go on their merry way” Why do we love superhero’s so much? Why are we drawn to those movies? I say mostly, we love Justice!

Did you know in my 33 years of serving God, when I asked people why they are hesitant to serve him, they begin to talk about injustice! Horrible things that happend and “Where was God?” Is what they say to me and “Why did he let this happen?”

And another one “Why do they get away with it?” God’s justice for you is YOU get to be okay! HE will take care of you! HE will hear your prayers when you forgive and I just said this the other day as I was struggling to forgive another injustice…..

Lord my unforgiveness changes NOTHING but I do know if I forgive it wil clear MY soul of anger so I can hear from you! Not only that it opens the door for you to save them…….”

We all want to see our enemies defeated, but I wil tell you something……#1 THEY WILL BE and #2 YOU may have to change (and let it go) before it ever happens. Joseph’s brothers threw him in a pit because they were Jealous……

Abel was killed for his walk with God (Jealousy again) And his blood cried out from the ground! Joseph was put in charge of all the goods to feed people and said “What you meant for evil God turned it for my good” and he forgave and fed them “revealing God’s GLORY!!” ……

Our superhero’s are nothing compared to God and his power. Super hero’s save lives GOD SAVES SOULS for all eternity! What if your forgiveness and mercy to pray for your enemy saved their soul? IS it worth it! I would say yes, it is…….

So Father, we have not resisted to the point of shedding our blood and I pray mercy on my enemies right now and those who have wronged me! Because I know Father you saw it all and YOU WILL bring Justice, whatever that means or whatever it looks like to you! If It means their soul is saved, I say HALLELUIAH! and amen.

-Laura Grace

PS “vengeance is mine I will repay” says the Lord! He may repay by blessing you so much they just say wow why was I not able to destroy them? 

Upset about injustice? Me too sometimes!