Is it better to see? Or not see?

You are blessed if you can see. There are many who cannot see what you see….But the trouble is that the more you can see the harder it is to walk in love sometimes. I can remember when I could not see certain things & People told me I was Niave’ and they were right, I was! I didn’t like hearing it at the time, and it made me angry. I had a friend one time say “I guess it’s like the blinders on those horses, they can’t see what is going on or they will get skittish” She was frustrated with me, trying to get me to see (what I could not see) and it took years before I sincerely went to God and said “OKAY I want to the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!” When you pray this way, you may see things you didn’t want to see. It may upset you, make you cry……..But honestly, the pain of seeing is not worse than the pain of being in the dark and being deceived……

But blessed are your eyes because they see, and your ears because they hear.” Matthew 13:15 NIV


The River Finds a Way……

“There’s a river of life flowing out of me…..”

YOU are that river….

One of the most powerful things God ever said to me is “The River finds a way.” And yes he does speak outside of the written word we see in our bibles. YES HE DOES!

How do I know? Because if everything he said were written down, there would not be enough books to contain it all! (His Word does say that, by the way). So with that said, I was upset. I’d been diligent for years, waiting for him to open doors for me in the church. I am over it now, but I got rejected so many times, it’s not even funny.

I hashed it out with God about whether HE was rejecting me, because i wanted to know WHAT I could do different so he would accept me on this great thing called ‘THE Minisry Team!” I was bad at softball and most sports, so I figured if I was rejected in doing things at church (besides cleaning it) there must be a reason that I needed to correct.

So I practiced, studied, prayed, practiced, studied, prayed………God says if you are faithful over a little he will trust you with more, so I’d do almost everything I was asked to do.

The years ticked by, and finally in 2015 I was asked to speak at Celebration Church in Lewistown, by my good friend, Karolyn Ridgeway. From there, I had many more ministry engagements.

See, God told me he had things to say through me. So everywhere I go I expect him to do just that.

At the Cafe, on the internet, in the books I write. I would have given up a long time ago if he had not said to me “THE RIVER FINDS A WAY.”

The river (of God) flows and carves out the earth, removing rocks sometimes, purifying things, carrying away debris…….

When we become his child and ask him to use us, at the very least we are part of this “RIVER OF LIFE” That actually flows OUT OF Him into us and onto others.

He let me know that day, “Keep moving and flowing with Me, Laura” ……and be part of my river of life! And I know today, he is urging you to do the same thing! Stop looking at what others call “success” and realize YOU ARE a success!

This is so important! If you are meant to make a living at doing ministry you will, but if not, don’t let it throw you. “THERE”S A RIVER OF LIFE FLOWING out from God……

“You might be his mouth or perhaps his Rod” Either way you’re part of this great and mighty Thing. “He’s the giver of life so let his Gospel Ring” ………HALLELUIAH!

-Laura Grace


Healthy Things to do instead of fighting about Politics and Pandemics…..

At some point, I had to realize, yes, I have been upset for some unhealthy reasons this year. One of them was politics. Another, the pandemic.

How many of us, I wonder, have been caught in the crossfire of arguments over politics, the pandemic, whether we should or should not wear masks, and a host of other volatile issues, this past year.

I recently went on my site and posted a video, in which I said, “Yes, this is still the perfect time to Grow.”

A woman from New York City swiftly ordered my book and said,

“I just ordered your book please pray for me.”

Honestly, this year has been the absolute worst year I have ever seen, as far as people seeming to argue about anything, and everything.

Many people are scared. Frustrated. Feeling like they have no voice.

Amid all this, Jesus still says,

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28 NIV)

At Christmas time this year, I lost myself in decorating and doing normal activities involving Christmas.

I have been sending out cards to people shut in, or who are in rest homes.

Some things we can do that are healthy. instead of arguing with others about how to solve the worlds’ problems are:

  1. Use your talents to cheer someone up. They can surely use the lift!
  • Force yourself to walk away from articles and posts that disturb you.
  • Pray, every time you find yourself worrying and cast your cares on God.
  • Try listening with empathy to someone who sees things from another viewpoint and make up your mind to just listen, and not argue with your own opinion.
  • Make up your mind to do normal activities as much as possible, and not dwell on subjects that irritate you. In other words, exercise some self-control.

I am sure there are many ways to think positive and do healthy things, despite the turbulence going on in the world today. Think of it this way; You are far more help to someone if you are an anchor in their waves, or a lighthouse in their storm.

Being part of the problem is to allow yourself to stay upset and of no help or worth to anyone. Being part of the solution is going to require some well thought out decisions and perseverance, which will shape your character and make you a far more effective vessel for God’s Kingdom.



Psalms 119:130 “The entrance of thy words giveth light; it giveth understanding unto the simple.”

Yesterday, the scripture God gave me on the way to Stanford as I said “What do you want to say?” is the one that jumped up (in my heart).He didn’t give it to me to beat the drum about you had better study or read. No.

He was saying His Words bring LIGHT into the dark area of our soul, setting us free from something.It doesn’t matter how you get it. A song, a passage of scripture, or a movie you watched that had some truth in it, which gave you LIGHT (That orginally came from God’s word).

We are far too focused on Methods, and this is what causes all the division in the body of Christ. “HOW” to do things and the right way supposedly, trips us up every time.

We act like children, sometimes.

“No My DAD SAID YOU DO THIS,” we say, as the other says, “No Dad told ME to do this!”

Well, maybe he told you different things! So what? So long as the job got done, who cares?One person loves “the Old Rugged Cross” another loves modern music. One loves to sit and read scripture, while another likes a Daily Devotional.

If you are causing division- quibbling over how to get things done STOP IT. The entrance of God’s word brings light. It could be that old hippie song “Spirit in the Sky” Makes some one think about Jesus. Just be glad they thought about him, and rejoice! 🙂

-Laura Grace


Happy New Year! No more Resolutions (and why)

I’m not making any New Year Resolutions this year. By the way “HAPPY NEW YEAR!”

I feel like our lives should be the same all the time, you know? Asking God “What do you want today Father?”

Some of you may not have established him as “Your Father” because to you, He still seems far away.

I can remember when I felt that way. Wondering if God even cared about me……..

I used to start my prayers like this, “I know I’m nobody but ..….”

That was a long time ago. Since then, God has shown me I am special to him. Do I deserve it? No.

I needed a Father, mine was not there for me. I tried drowning myself in alchohol and other mind numbing things…and it didnt’ work for long, Plus I did not like who I was becoming.

So, I gave my life to Jesus. People have let me down, but Jesus never has. I struggle at times to get across this great gift to others, as I want so much for you to have him too.

“so Father, If anyone is reading this and doesn’t know you, would you please help them to know you? I know you want that for them! Please give them your special plan Just for Them…….and lead them into the way everlasting.” Amen


#12 A Quiet Christmas

Yes, we had a nice Christmas……..

It was quiet here. I got up Christmas morning, had my coffee, said my prayers, and started making breakfast and preparations for dinner. The night before, I was asked to do “Renewing of Marraige Vows” online with a friend, so I had prepped for that the day before. I video chatted with my grandchildren (all but one). I made Tim a heart shaped cake with no frosting (His one request for Christmas treats) and made myself gluten free brownies……Our dog (cooper) got some special dog treats as well. 🙂

After the “online wedding” I did, The husband of my friend asked me about the JOY bottles behind me, so I moved over to let him see. In the process of that, I didn’t pay attention and literally “Fell off my chair’ an onto the floor! 😮😄

The chromebook went flying, I could not get OFF the floor and had to have help! It was pretty funny (but scary) I had started prepping for Christmas 30 days in advance. I’m so glad I did! Christmas was my happy thought this year- because for me, Jesus is at the center of this blessed Holiday.

I refuse to allow Corona Virus or anything else take away my Joy or Good Cheer! So when God said, “whatever is true, whatever has virtue, whatever is lovely or admirable” (Phill 4:8) “Think on these things…..Well for me, Christmas fits that description. I have asked God for a month why do I love Christmas so much? Is that you Lord? And this was my answer: Christmas is a great thing to meditate on because it so often brings out the best in people. love you all! -Laura Grace


#9 Christmas in 2012 (at our old house)

Christmas 2012 at our house

How well I remember 2012! That was the year the world was suppose to end, remember?

There were even movies made about it.

In 2012, I put Christmas outside on the deck, because our house was only 640 square feet (That is small!) I put cups with goodies in them under the tree and wrapped them up (and prayed over them).

I said a prayer that whoever God wanted to bless, he would send them to receive the gifts. I had prayed whoever received these cups, their cup would “run over……” I felt led by God to do this.

Every recipient got a special blessing that following year. (Yes, I kept track). One person had a baby when they thought they couldn’t. Another got a huge financial blessing. Whoever came to my house that year, was invited to select a package with a cup inside, until they were all gone.

I am sharing this because this year (like any other) I am asking God to lead and guide me. What do you think Christmas should be? Maybe we should ask him! Wise men still seek him. 🙂

A Prayer: Father we ask you this, “Bless christmas this year” Let it be memorable, happy, and fun. Let your Spirit be with us we pray! Thank you for filling the rooms of our house with Your Love Father! And we ask you if we need them, you would bestow upon us “christmas miracles’ this year. In Jesus’ name. Amen”


Christmas # 8 “Nostalgic Christmas”

When I was a kid, I could not wait for Mom to get out this sled and reindeer. It was my favorite Christmas thing of hers. This year she told me to take it home with me. as she ‘has no room for it.” She said. I can remember her wrapping tiny presents to go in the sled and putting it away with care every year.

It has to be 50 years old at least, and it’s fragile. Amazing it’s not broken and all in once piece. I like modern things but I also treasure old things. I am a very sentimental person. I once had shoe boxes full of letters from my friend and had not intention of getting rid of them!

I guess there doesn’t have to be a lesson in every post! Just sharing another Christmas memory and why this decoration is so meaningful to me. Mom cherished this set. It’s how she expressed her love for Christmas each year, besides cooking for us and taking us to church and all the other things she did.

I hope your Christmas prep is going well! Stay Calm! Try to enjoy it! Christmas only comes but once a year.

Love and hugs


On Mask Wearing ……….

I”ve worn a mask because they said to ……but I gotta tell you this. I was putting away some groceries and thought, “How do I know who touched this stuff? Have I washed all my groceries? The answer is no I have not. Reflecting on how the #1 we transmit disease is touching it and touching our face/mouth.

I think it’s time we reflect on a forgotten verse in Luke 17. “He who tries to save his life” (we are told) will lose it.This is the crux of having Faith is to know “To trust God” means to give up “Faith in ourselves.” It doesn’t mean we are stupid, but this mask mandate and shut downs is not what I consider to be “smart.”

It’s not smart to stop living. (Jesus said so) It’s not smart to live in fear (Jesus said so, again).

He showed us the way to life eternal and abundant life on this earth. “Mask Mandates” are not fair. It’s Controlling. If you want to wear a mask wear one, stay home if you wish………

Yes it’s human nature to think about ourselves all the time and how we can ‘save our own life,” However…..That is not God’s way (nor his path to life). Consider what I am saying here, and let the Holy Spirit be your guide. God alone is wise!

Luke 17:33 Whoever tries to keep their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life will preserve it.”