I’ve been busy……

Hi Everyone! I just realized, I really should find a way to share videos I’ve been doing on Beauty from Ashes Ministries since November of 2021. It seems I have graduated to to that ministry, (for a time) until I can find more time to write here again. Beauty From Ashes has been gracious enough to share my books on the group as well.

I will pray I can return soon and share more with you friends! Until then the Lord Bless and Keep you, and remember I am always available for prayer. You can write me at sisterzeal@yahoo.com. Peace and Blessings!



A Project I started in 2020…..by Laura Grace……

Hi Everyone and Good Morning! HAPPY NEW YEAR! It’s 2022 now.

2020 was an interesting year. I remember the fear and the masks and the shut downs.

I started a book in June of that year, and it’s completed now. I just finished it in December of 2021.

Here is a little excerp from my book:

    “What is it that makes us not feel like we are a success? Is it truly what other people say? Or is it something that we ourselves believe, deep down?

     I think for me, not living up to my own expectations of myself is what ultimately makes me feel like a failure.

     I know someone is going to say, (as they read this) that feelings do not matter, but I am not talking about come-and-go type feelings here. I am talking about a deep-down-in-your-soul feeling that you have not quite done enough.

     We all need to look at ourselves in the mirror. Go right now and look at that reflection of you staring back, and ask yourself,

     “Have I really done all I could do?” “Have I lived up to my potential?” “Is this person looking back at me, someone I can admire, or even praise?”

     Why, or why not? There is nothing wrong with doing an assessment now and then.

     When you do it however, how about basing it on your own opinion, and not someone else, and what they might say?

     How about thinking in terms of facing your creator one day, and explaining to him what you did with your life?

     When I think about giving up, I think about explaining to Jesus why I gave up. Honestly, looking him in the eye and saying,

     “Well, I had to give up Lord, things were just too hard,” sounds terribly frightening to me.

     You want to know what makes me tick; it is honestly not that complicated.

     Days that I lost being upset over trivial things are part of my regrets.

     Days that I lost worrying over things I cannot change is also on the list.

     Days that I stubbornly refused to even try to reach my dreams because I had halfway given up, are another.

     Regrets. What can we do about them?

     Nothing. We cannot fix the past, all we can do is go forward now, today.

     And that is exactly what I am doing my children, in writing this book.”

     With Love, Mom        

In 2020 I went forward. Sang songs at a nearby Deli.

I Did church services at a bar (while it was closed) And at Town Hall.

I hope your year is both prosperous and blessed. That you are able to shake off what has happened in the past, and go forward in Christ with a new passion and attitude of optimism for the future. After all, Jesus really has promised us great things (New Life, Abundant life, in Him!). with love and affection for you, his people.


Letters to My Children by Laura Grace

oh man…..I haven’t been here in a long time! Here is my update.

Me in Sept 2021

I know, I haven’t been here in a long while. As I previously told you, we had a fire in our area on Dec 1, 2021.

Our whole town was evacuated. No lives were lost.

It was so eerie, driving out of town that day. The smoke was very thick, the wind was howling with gusts up to 70 mph. We didn’t know if we’d be able to get a motel. Our dog was in the car with us (Sadie) And she was wondering what was going on too. I remember being super calm for some reason, even though we knew our house could be lost.

This picture is a bush right against our deck, with my grandkids playing in it, in 2020.That bush caught fire, and if someone very brave had not put it out, our house would have been lost. Which is exaclty what I felt led to pray as we left town, “If something by our house catches Fire Father, Please help someone notice it.”

Very specific. I can’t say why I prayed that, other than the Holy Spirit must have prompted me. I ask Him all the time to guide my prayers. This was inspired by the passage “IF we ask according to his will he hears us…..and grants what we ask.” Anyway, we had Christmas and I’ve been working part time since my books have not been selling a whole lot. As our town Hall filled up with donations after the fire, I thought about the services I held there in 2020 when the churches were shut down. “We need a move…..” We sang, over and over again……

God surely has moved on our behalf. Our town is damaged but not lost. We are all so very thankful to be alive. Maybe we all need that reminder now and then. To Just be Thankful, “To be alive.” Thank you Father for restoring our grateful hearts, and showing us what really matters. With your help, we can go from there.” Amen


A fire in our town…..

We had a fire last week in our little town of Denton. The blaze started November 1, during an unseasonably warm time, a long with a high wind event. A downed power line was determined to be the cause of the fire.

At 1:30 PM on Dec 1 the town siren went off, and we were all evacuated. I remember just feeling calm but the smoke in the air and realization that our town might completely be gone was something I did not wish to ponder.

We were gone for 2 days, and we didn’t know for at least 25 hours if our house was still intact. It turned out someone spotted a fire very near our house (under the deck) and put it out for us. But 25 homes were lost and several outbuildings. IN a town of this size (less than 400) That is pretty devestating, to say the least.

I am so thankful we are still here. With love (and I will write more soon) Laura Grace



The secret place……..

The Secret Place:

I have decided to do some excerps from the book “Living Safely in a dangerous world” by Mac Hammond Here is today’s excerp: “Psalm 91 is born of Moses’ personal experience with God the deliverer.

Notice the first verse: He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. Immediately, Moses tells us of a special place he calls “the secret place of the most High.” We’re told it is possible to “dwell” there. The Hebrew word translated “dwell” literally means “to stake a claim to” or “to remain.”

The Secret Place of God is not a place you can slip in and out of from hour to hour. It’s not a position that is attained one moment and lost another. To truly abide in the Secret Place requires living there. It’s a lifestyle. What is the result of living in this Secret Place? The second half of the verse tells us: you “shall abide under the shadow ofthe Almighty.” Throughout the Bible, the concept of a shadow is used to symbolize God’s anointing and covering presence.”

From The book: “Living Safely in a Dangerous World” By Mac Hammond ❤ Published by Mac Hammond Ministries

Let’s Pray: “Father we thank you that you want us living in this secret place! It’s also mentioned in 1 John when you said “abide in me” and we ask you this, Father, let your words abide or live in us and help us to live IN YOU. In our minds and in our hearts Father let your word take precedence in our very lives. in Jesus’ name ………Amen.”


The Fragrance of Jesus…….Guest Post

My guest post is from John Garfield today. I met him years ago. and I was prophecied over that I would have to move (it’s in my book Grace to the Rescue) that there would be nothing I could do about it. And that is exactly what happened. I was forced to move and took my children to Minnesota, where I was eventually delivered from a very bad situation. Another “word” God gave me through this man was that I would be doing something creative that would bless my children somehow.

I was very poor, living in housing, and I started a floral business, and also learned to do floral design through a company that would send me kits and videos. My children saw me overcoming and pursuing my dream, even though I had every reason to just give up at that point in time. When I finally got all the flowers done to sell, I was in the mall selling flowers with my then 12 year old son, and learned my daughter had ran away from home. I left him in charge as I pursued her and got her out of the carnival trailer she was hiding in, ready to run off with them. I remember how I used that authority I learned about in church. “Produce my daughter” I said to the carnival workers that were hiding her,” Or I will call the cops!”

Indeed, they did produce her. John has always talked about desires of your heart and God wanting to use your dreams, gifts and talents for his glory (among other things) but today’s message from him is just really special, so I am sharing it with you. I’ve been super busy, and hope to get back to posting here more often.

With Love, Your sister and fellow follower of Jesus Christ,

Laura Grace


Jesus I know, Paul I know, but do they know you?

Delicate Issues…..(Laura Grace Here) I want to address a few things on my heart today. First of all, We need (to pray) Christ is formed within us and KNOWING God is the most important thing we can ask for. Rick Renner suggests understanding our Salvation and knowing what our armour does for us (and what it is, biblically) is crucial. I am reading “Dressed to Kill” by Rick Renner.

In Acts 19:15 it says “Acts 19:15 One day the evil spirit answered them, “Jesus I know, and Paul I know about, but who are you?”
The devil knows who I am, I can feel it when I pray and I know he has to flee. About a week ago I had a dream and in that dream I was laying hands on someone and said, “You Lying spirit, you have to go NOW in Jesus’ name!” I woke up knowing demons have to obey- and flee.

Everything we deal with is not the devil, however. There is something called “strongholds” In our mind, that word means “Fortress.” In the translation.
People build up walls to protect themselves from certain things. The same “Fortress” or stronghold in their mind becomes a barrier to input from others, pluls it makes us prisoners behind those very walls we build.

I”m going to suggest you ask God if you have any “strongholds” In your mind, (barriers to receiving what God has to say!) One common stronghold I often see is “God understands how I am (bla bla bla) and that may be so but he is out to Change us and transform us to be MORE LIKE HIM so we can have More Victory and More success! So let’s stop resisting GOD.

We are often are the problem. God isn’t wanting to get on your case, but please remember He is out to transform you, change you and allow Christ to be formed in you! It’s a voluntary process he will not FORCE on you. Love you all! peace and blessings! -Laura


A fun post……”A slice of Fun”

Me with my 8 pound-42 cup bag of Tutti Fruity Popcorn Aug 2021

Hi there! I haven’t written for awhile.

I’ve had some real difficult struggles going on lately. My Mom who is 79 has been bed-ridden, having a hard hard time, and her husband has dementia. I work at a job 30 miles from home now, and between my Deli Job and caring for My Mom, plus my own life at home (which I am determined to keep up on) I have been busy! I still pray every day, ask to GROW and ask God to show me what he wants to teach me today!

Anyway, My husband replaced his windshield less than a month ago (Over 200.00) and today we had to do it again! We were not too happy about it, plus I’ve been praying hard about many things (expenses going up, friends with corona virus, my kids, my geriatric dog who has difficulty walking). Just a lot of stuff on my plate.

I wanted a bag of Tutti Fruity Popcorn from this place called the Popcorn Colonel in Great Falls Mt. I allow myself a few treats now and then, and this is a favorite. So I had my tip money with me, and grabbed a bag that was 11.00 (Large). I thought I was being pretty generous to myself! My husband says “You should get the Jumbo!” I thought he was joking!

I had asked God to help today be FUN since I woke up feeling like “Oh boy this is not going to be fun!” We were getting windshield that wiped out our fun money because of a deer hitting the car, and getting groceries. How Exciting! (Ha ha) So I came home with this giant bag of my favorite popcorn! A reminder to me that in all our days of work and responsiblities, we should not forget to “Have a slice of fun.”

-With Love, Laura


Who am I accountable to?

Letter #20: Letting Go and Avoiding Strife

     My Dear Children,

     I woke up this morning thinking about how when you were younger, I had to avoid people who did not agree with me, to stay focused. When I say people who did not agree, I mean those who were very vocal about what they thought I should be doing.

    Moms, Grandmas, and others can be formidable forces in our lives while we are raising children. It is hard to stay focused when you have people giving you unsolicited advice all the time.

     I cannot speak for anyone else, but I know when I was younger, I was very insecure and very scared about being a parent.

     I felt like I should not be trusted with this great task and found the weight of responsibility that was placed upon my shoulders quite staggering.

     When I was younger, before I gave my life to Jesus, I used to go out and drink when I had a chance to do so. I wanted to kick up my heels, forget the problems and responsibilities, and had no idea how to do that without going out to party.

     The problem with that, was that the next day all the problems were still there and were even more difficult to handle with a hangover.

     I suppose people go at drug or alcohol addictions in all kinds of ways. I have heard success stories because of meetings, treatment, having God help, and sometimes even all three.

    I am not the most focused person in the world, but I could see to go forward and have the life I wanted to have, I was going to have to let go of things that hindered me.

    The very hardest thing for me to let go of was people.

     It always seemed so selfish to leave people behind, and I never wanted to be a selfish person.

     Whenever I think of letting go of people who are hindering me, I always get this picture in my mind of people drowning in a giant sea, and me standing there letting them wave their arms begging for help, while I walk along the beach ignoring their cries.

     There are for sure, many people in this life who make not-so-healthy decisions and continually want someone to bail them out of the problems that follow.

     About the time we let go of those people, we have the ones who come along and want to change our minds about our goals, and most everything we believe.

     Ultimately, I have one person I am going to have to explain myself to, and that’s God. I always have that in the forefront of my mind.

With Love, Mom        


What I really think…….

“What I really think” has changed a lot through the years. Do you really want to hear about it? Let’s go! When I was in the Air Force, I had a Captain tell me “What he really thought” that everyone should go to college. I remember saying, “Well, if you had two people offering to fly your airplane, one with College, one with experience who would you choose? He said “I”d rather they had both college and experience, to which I said “But you have to choose.” (Guess what he chose?)

I used to think college was not important, until I went to school. I used to think because my preacher said everyone had to tithe, I should preach that too. Until I met a friend who got very upset with me and said “I give where God tells me to give” And she did not appreciate my 2-cent input. I used to think my Mom was too strict, so I started out not hardly disciplining my child. Until she tore my chair apart, wrecked all my cassette tapes, and poked holes in my waterbed. Then I decided discipline might be important. 🙄🤔

I used to think the government should pay for everyone who wanted to get by for free, until I found out when I was on assistance how humiliating it was. I used to Judge those people, and say they should get a job, until I experienced the absolute desparation that goes with no car and no babysitter who is reliable (and so on). I used to believe everyone should have food stamps forever, until I watched my own bank account dwindle to nothing from giving everything away, and having people mad I could not give them more. It was then I realized, “Hey, this has to be a team effort!”

I used to think a lot of things. That everyone should go to church every time the doors were open. That was before I found out what it’s like to be broken and hurting, and have someone say “You should have been here last week!” (Making me feel like I wish I didn’t come today!). I used to think a lot of things. I thought if you gave love, grace and mercy to someone, they would always appreciate it and you’d always reap what you sow. The truth is, I think different about some things because of what I have experienced. I used to think if you loved someone enough and did enough for them, they would eventually love you back.

I thought if you were big enough to say “I”m sorry” Maybe they would eventually say it too- (when they hurt my feelings) But none of this is the case.

I have noticed there are givers, takers, and learners. The learners can learn to be givers, or takers They have to decide which one they want to be. Truth be told, God is a giver!

I hope and pray no matter what happens to me, I will always choose to be like him.

God gives what is undeserved. I was asking something of him today and said “I don’t deserve this, but…………” (and asked of him, my request).

Now, I’ve been serving him a long time, but I still do not DESERVE anything! Everything I have is by his Grace. Every blessing, every success, every single thing! and for this Father I PRAISE YOU! Thank you for your Grace on my life! Help me give it as well as I’ve received it Father. AMEN

He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God. Micah 6:8.

…..Laura ❤