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A loving word about religion vs relationship….

I have a facebook friend, her name is Kathy Mote. I’ve followed her writings for years now, as she posts what God puts on her heart to say. In her I see relationship, and not religion, and its’ obvious to me her relationship with God is flourishing!

I am sharing what she posted on Facebook today, because it really grabbed my heart when I read it. My thought was, “What a loving way to address the subject of relationship over religion.” This is my heart and what I write about it my books, that relationship is everything! Particularily in my book “Grace to Grow.”

I’m trusting you will enjoy Kathy’s Post, and be truly blessed. -Laura

For days I have been heavy of heart, hearing a heavy message from our Father. I awake each morning dreading the release of this message, but as I surrender, He makes my heart right with Him. He said that in the absence of His very real presence, our thinking has too low of a ceiling. I am paraphrasing. He said you can’t tell people that, because they think they have Him right where they want Him in their religious thinking and they are comfortable with this.

The way we view the Bible in our carnal minds is superstitious. There is no power without Him. We see our natural environment as all there is, but He is the power that drives it. In short, our natural thinking and perspective is backwards and limited, fractured and fragmented but He is seamlessly powerful. His desire to bring us up gently and into His arms without signs and wonders and the knowledge of all things is also obvious. He greatly desires for our hearts to trust in Him.”

by Kathy Mote

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God’s Unconditional Love……..

God doesn’t want us sin-conscious, he wants us God-Conscious. See, the reason Adam and Eve Knew they were naked, is they ate from the tree Of the knowledge Of Good and evil! Prior to this, they were just “Innocent.” (Even if Naked!).

Now, if they needed to be clothed for some reason, God would have told them, because they were in fellowship, with him.

God and them would fellow-ship and everything was hunky dunky When we have to decide for ourselves what is good (or evil) that’s what seperates us from God!

When we realize how much God loves us, it’s so easy to love him back! Seriously! it is.

So then, if we are God Conscious, we are all in love with him!! (Because we KNOW (intimately, or first-hand) How much he loves US.

When we are sin-conscious, we worry all the time if God is upset with us, or if we are being punished, And that is what some people will teach us to do. People who don’t know God, who see themselves as prophets (and teachers).

No wonder Paul said “who has bewitched you?,” You were running a good race? “Who cut in on you?”

He also said…..”I wish they would cut themselves off!!” (Book of Galations)

Being led by the Spirit is such a beautiful thing!

We don’t live in that Old Testament “prophets” showing up- telling- us- we- are- in- sin type of time. We live in a world of Grace, thousands of angels rejoicing! full of light, full of wonder! and full, I might add of the glory of God!

Remember falling in love? all you could think of is how you are dressed! do you smell good? All you could think of is being with your beloved……and wanting to please them…….right?

Some of these get married and, being in love and wanting to please turns into “fear of upsetting their spouse” (because they are always upset at them about something. do you see how the relationship dynamic changes then?

People who love God do not “intentionally sin” they are in training with the master, and they are his children, and he says what their priority is right now, not man.

It’s not good. A good counsellor will show them how to be in love again. It works the same with God………

Just as God told Adam and Eve NOT to eat from that tree, born again believers are told by God (by his Spirit) what to partake of or not partake of. Yes, you can exhort people, but ultimately what a person does IS between them and God.

-Laura Grace

1 John 3:8-10 “He who sins is of the devil, for the devil has sinned from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil. Whoever has been born of God does not sin, for His seed remains in him; and he cannot sin, because he has been born of God.”


I’ve got to know!

If I could only say ONE THING to all of you, I’d say this. “You’ve got to know” What the bible says, AND what it means, for yourself! You’ve got to be able to stand Alone like Abraham did, even though I realize there is a body ministry that God wants to bestow upon us.

The cross goes up and down, then back and forth. We are to receive from God (Vertical) and fellowship with others IN The LIGHT (1 John). if we don’t know God personally for ourselves, what he is saying to Us, and what he is doing IN US we have nothing to fellowship about, except what kind of snacks we are eating, (and so on).

The Holy Spirit is suppose to be our #1 teacher. If HE IS, then the Spirit-Led Teachers God sends to us, are CONFIRMATION and that’s the way things were intended to be. Jesus paid a very high price for you to be reconciled to God (our Father) in heaven.

The fellowship Adam had with him is suppose to be restored! This is more important than attendance at church or anything else we are “doing for God”….Apart from Him we can do NOTHING of any lasting value (John 15).

I’ve read hundreds of books (Christian) and didn’t feel any closer to God. When I study with HIM (the Holy Spirit) in the light the way God intended? My relationship with him blossoms! Even if MY book keeps you from personal fellowship time with God please, I beg you, do not read my books! And I mean that!

John 14:26 “But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all things that I said to you.” (Words of Jesus, to you!)


“in Him” (1 John) and Psalm 91: It’s bigger than we think it is!

I was studying John 6 today, and looking at how Jesus was trying to get across the concept that “He is Bread.” With the Help of the Holy Spirit,

I also noted that his followers were just fascinated with the feeding of the 5000, and the loaves and fishes. He spoke to me to cross reference as I studied, and Isaiah 54 just jumped off the page at me, where it says this:

“IN Righteousness you will be established.” “Oppression will be far from you.” (these go together). IS 54:13-14

At some point in my Study the Holy Spirit said “In Him,” In Righteousness, IN the Secret Place (Psalm 91) are all the same thing!” I have known for a long time being “IN HIM.’ is Key.

How do we get that way? WE LET HIM IN! It’s so simple my friends, we just let him in, and invite the Holy Spirit To teach us.

I asked the Lord, why do some people seem to be so spiritual and so sensitive to your Spirit? Again, They just BELIEVE (to hear from Him). It’s not that complicated! If you don’t beleive me, Read John 6 (the whole thing).

With love to you all, in his service, Laura Grace PS Grace to Grow is only 3.99 and includes a study guide. It’s a power packed book! I hope you will consider making a copy of it your own! 🙂


Every day things……

Every day things……

I believe God has drawn me closer as I commune with him about everyday things, more than any other “Method” that might be out there. I talk to him about meals, ask for help creating them when I don’t have all the ingredients.

I talk to him about helping me organize my time, how I can be a good steward of what he gives me, I even ask him where to get my hair cut! Every little tiny thing we trust him with (and see him assist us) leads to more confidence in Him, that he is truly with us. He likes to be included!

Oh how I enjoy my time with my children! how much More God (with you?)

He loves to be included. in Everything! Sometimes I get in my car and say Lord thank you for going to town with me today? Guide me at the store! “Remind me what I need” for this week….

He doesn’t mind! (at all). Building relationship with him is the most important relationship you will ever have! He knows how to bless your other relationships too, and maximize them!

If you’ve never asked God to help you with the small things, even if you think you know how to do it already, I challenge you, try it today! You might be suprised what he wants to teach you!

Love you Jesus! praise you Lord! Thanks for being my friend!

PS: I incuded pictures of kitchen tools, to remind myself that whatever “Tools” I’ve been given, God shows me how to use them! 😁🤓😍. -Laura Grace


You are not rejected……..

Gifts and Giftings (Again!) Because this is important!!

God has had gifts and giftings on my heart for weeks now. It’s not so much that people don’t know they are gifted, but often wind up not using them for God’s Glory.

Please listen, because this message developed out of a life time of feeling rejected and left out. I am not left out, and I am not rejected, but for years, I thought I was.

Why? Because that’s all I could see. I would pray and practice my guitar (for years) Learning all the songs from church “thank you Father you have a place for me” (I would say) “I am accepted and beloved in the brethren.”

Still, it never seemed to be the truth.

After awhile, the hurt developed into anger, as I experienced this supposed rejection, time and time again. It caused me to delve in for holiniess, purity, Knowing God’s word more……

The longing just to be a part of what God was doing (as I called it, being on the team). Not being chosen or selected to do things in church HURT so bad. It brought up reminders of school and not being selected for sports (because I was bad at it).

Why am I telling you this? BECAUSE, there are many out there who have decided not to even try anymore. They give up and call it humility. Others say, Okay I’ll go to church, sit on the pew, and “Not even try” and call it obedience.

Just because there is no slot for you, doesnt mean you are rejected by God. There are no trumpet players in most church worship bands, but that doesn’t mean trumpet players are rejected.

Some are anointed to be metal workers.Some are anointed to play guitar, some are artists, and some are called to preach but they seem to have no pulpit to preach from.

We often do not think of washing floors, installing doors, fixing windows, (and a host of other talents or gifts) as being ministry, but we need to start. We need to stop worshipping those who seem to be rock stars, and celebrate every ministry we see, (if they are truly helping!).

The Body of Christ needs to be built up (and it starts with you!).

Find someone and give them a pat on the back for what they do for God’s Kingdom! I know I’m going to. You are not left out! They are not left out! Someone out there needs your encouragment, that what they do does make a difference.

with love and blessings 
Laura Grace