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Pride was behind it: A new Twist on the Story of Cain and Abel……here’s how it goes.

twisted.jpgSo often, Well, Pretty much every time, we hear the story of Cain and Abel, we hear it’s about Jealousy…..

Although, to a degree it is, that’s not the whole story. 

In Genesis chapter 4, we see that Cain was a tiller of the ground, his Brother, Abel, was a sheep keeper. Both were asked by the Lord to bring an offering, and both did. The difference was, Abel brought his best, and Cain did not. 

I don’t know if Cain “reasoned” that God could not eat the goods, or what his reason was for not bringing the exact offering God asked for. All we know is, Abel obeyed, and Cain did not, for whatever reason. 

I think Pride was already at work, long before Cain killed his brother. He thought he was so smart, such a great tiller of the ground, and he must have thought he knew God pretty well, or he could outsmart God (not sure) but why in the world would he give “less” than God said, other than pride in his own flesh? (Thinking he knew better!). 

So many people got in trouble in the bible stories, due to their own human reasoning. See, when I read my bible, I read between the lines.  I meditate, think about the people, why did they do what they did? What was going on in their mind(s), AND I look for myself in them, and pray to get the trouble OUT of myself! (Anything that would cause me trouble, you know?). 

THEN Cain got all upset when God did not bless his offering (which was less than God said) and decided to get rid of Abel! Did he think God would not see him? Did he think he could get away with it? (Or, didn’t he care?) 

So, here we have a guy, He was the child of Adam and Eve so, he had to know their story (How they got kicked out of the garden and all!) Yet he STILL did not listen to God! And when God gave a consequence, he got all bent out of shape and committed murder over it! See it’s not about “Jealousy” alone……

It’s about having a bad attitude (toward God) and thinking “He is unjust” and not being Humble, (and all kinds of things). Cain is one big display of how far things can go, without the counsel of God in your life. Still, Cain understood God has mercy, for he begged for his life! (And God granted it, too!) So really, PRIDE went before Cain’s fall, Into sin. Not Jealousy, Pride! What else can we glean out of this story? 

What I see is, we have not finished learning, there is still so much more wealth in my bible, for me to glean, for me to see, for me to share with others…..

WE have yet to explore, all the treasure there is to find there (in God’s Holy Word!) Love it! Feeling Wealthy today! Father please, keep us from Pride. Get us out of it! It’s dangerous! We love you Father! thank you for saving us from ourselves. Amen! 


Your servant, and his, 

Laura Grace


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