A Sunday Morning Sermon…

My thoughts this morning…..

We’ve all had people in our lives (at times) who we long to be close to, but we cannot seem to get close to them. They like to argue, or get defensive, or sometimes even shut us out.

I’ve had people I just wanted to encourage, or share my heart with them, and sometimes I still get amazed at the reactions that happens in what seems iike such a simple statement of me sharing something God put in my heart, to share with others…….

It’s at that moment, we realize our statement is clashing with their belief system. It’s like “Light meeting the dark,” and it causes a storm.

When this happens, I always go to God and ask if I was wrong. I don’t “assume I am right.” I see God as the teacher, and my part is to continually learn from him. This leads to growing, (up) more and more in him.

It doesn’t matter how many “Years” someone has been with God. it matters how much they have received from him.

The only way I know to keep learning (and growing in Him) is to continually ask the Holy Spirit to teach me. Jesus sent him to teach us, He wants to teach us, so as long as we are willing, our becoming Christ-Like and growing in him is a done deal.

Praise the Lord!  -Laura  Grace , Author, Grace to Grow by Laura Grace