#12 A Quiet Christmas

Yes, we had a nice Christmas……..

It was quiet here. I got up Christmas morning, had my coffee, said my prayers, and started making breakfast and preparations for dinner. The night before, I was asked to do “Renewing of Marraige Vows” online with a friend, so I had prepped for that the day before. I video chatted with my grandchildren (all but one). I made Tim a heart shaped cake with no frosting (His one request for Christmas treats) and made myself gluten free brownies……Our dog (cooper) got some special dog treats as well. 🙂

After the “online wedding” I did, The husband of my friend asked me about the JOY bottles behind me, so I moved over to let him see. In the process of that, I didn’t pay attention and literally “Fell off my chair’ an onto the floor! 😮😄

The chromebook went flying, I could not get OFF the floor and had to have help! It was pretty funny (but scary) I had started prepping for Christmas 30 days in advance. I’m so glad I did! Christmas was my happy thought this year- because for me, Jesus is at the center of this blessed Holiday.

I refuse to allow Corona Virus or anything else take away my Joy or Good Cheer! So when God said, “whatever is true, whatever has virtue, whatever is lovely or admirable” (Phill 4:8) “Think on these things…..Well for me, Christmas fits that description. I have asked God for a month why do I love Christmas so much? Is that you Lord? And this was my answer: Christmas is a great thing to meditate on because it so often brings out the best in people. love you all! -Laura Grace

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Christmas Day 3: “When I was a kid…………”

My Mom, 1969

Christmas when I was a kid.” Does anyone even care? (What it was like?). I think so, because honestly, I have read stories about the Christmas’s of others, and I totally enjoy them.

When I was a kid, Christmas was a magical time for me. Mom made a lot of different goodies, including, popcorn balls, fudge (2 different kinds) frosted cookies, pinwheel cookies, and sometimes we had peanut brittle laying around.

There were cousins, aunts and uncles who sent packages by mail (grandma’s too) and soon the tree was abounding with colorfully wrapped gifts. We all looked at the Sears Catalogue to dream of what Santa might bring…….

I didn’t teach my kids about Santa, because i remember the disappointment when he didn’t bring quite what I asked him for. I believed, so I thought maybe I was ‘naughty” is why it didn’t happen. I thought maybe he was trying to teach me a lesson, and that was why I got peanuts and oranges in my stocking (mostly) and didn’t know til years later that santa’s budget depended on Mom and Dad’s budget, at the time.

Therefore, based on that disappointment, I didn’t teach my children to believe in Santa Claus, I told them it was a nice story and a nice thought, but ultimately Jesus is the reason for the season.

When I grew up, which happened during the process of raising children, I decided Christmas Joy was something I wanted to emmulate. I learned to make the cookies, (and the fudge) as much as I do NOT like or enjoy kitchen duties. I soon found out what a servant heart it takes to pull of this Amazing Holiday. It’s a lot of work, to say the least……

Finding out just how much work it was, made me appreciate my Mom even more, and all she did for us at Christmas time. I had no idea! The shopping, the boxing, the mailing, the goodie-making, the budget-strategy! It took weeks to get it all done and must be started before Thanksgiving……..

The decorating, the Christmas cards, and putting pictures in all of them. (I did it all). In the end It would be over with and I’d say I DID IT! I really did it! Everyone got a gift, everyone got a card……..I made the goodies and did not burn them! Oh How I prayed over Christmas (every year) and rejoiced to get those boxes mailed out before the 15th……

Then came the thank you’s from Mom and friends and the delighted looks on children’s faces……

Now some bad stuff happened yes. I had some who did not appreciate, nor did they reciprocate (yes even with some of my family). My Dad always said “Bah Humbug” at Christmas, which made me very sad……

Christmas reminds me a little of the gospel (not that it can really compare with it) but it’s a reflection of it, in some small way. The lights, the giving, the generosity and the love……and like the gospel, it is not always appreciated or reciprocated….But its’ still important to SHINE!

I want to thank you Mom. Your love for us always shined through at Christmas time, especially. THANK YOU for all you did over the years to make it special! Thank you for the Christian example of serving and giving & loving. Forgive me for the times I didn’t seem as appreciative as i should have.

With love, your daughter,


Sitting down, Jesus called the Twelve and said, “If anyone wants to be first, he must be the last of all and the servant of all.” Mark 9:35