The River Finds a Way……

“There’s a river of life flowing out of me…..”

YOU are that river….

One of the most powerful things God ever said to me is “The River finds a way.” And yes he does speak outside of the written word we see in our bibles. YES HE DOES!

How do I know? Because if everything he said were written down, there would not be enough books to contain it all! (His Word does say that, by the way). So with that said, I was upset. I’d been diligent for years, waiting for him to open doors for me in the church. I am over it now, but I got rejected so many times, it’s not even funny.

I hashed it out with God about whether HE was rejecting me, because i wanted to know WHAT I could do different so he would accept me on this great thing called ‘THE Minisry Team!” I was bad at softball and most sports, so I figured if I was rejected in doing things at church (besides cleaning it) there must be a reason that I needed to correct.

So I practiced, studied, prayed, practiced, studied, prayed………God says if you are faithful over a little he will trust you with more, so I’d do almost everything I was asked to do.

The years ticked by, and finally in 2015 I was asked to speak at Celebration Church in Lewistown, by my good friend, Karolyn Ridgeway. From there, I had many more ministry engagements.

See, God told me he had things to say through me. So everywhere I go I expect him to do just that.

At the Cafe, on the internet, in the books I write. I would have given up a long time ago if he had not said to me “THE RIVER FINDS A WAY.”

The river (of God) flows and carves out the earth, removing rocks sometimes, purifying things, carrying away debris…….

When we become his child and ask him to use us, at the very least we are part of this “RIVER OF LIFE” That actually flows OUT OF Him into us and onto others.

He let me know that day, “Keep moving and flowing with Me, Laura” ……and be part of my river of life! And I know today, he is urging you to do the same thing! Stop looking at what others call “success” and realize YOU ARE a success!

This is so important! If you are meant to make a living at doing ministry you will, but if not, don’t let it throw you. “THERE”S A RIVER OF LIFE FLOWING out from God……

“You might be his mouth or perhaps his Rod” Either way you’re part of this great and mighty Thing. “He’s the giver of life so let his Gospel Ring” ………HALLELUIAH!

-Laura Grace


Have no Fear! Jesus is here…..

It’s so easy to say isn’t it? “Have no fear?

The truth is, our bodies (and minds) were made with this “fight or flee” response to danger, and we can’t even help it! Jesus knew that, so when he said not to fear, he was not getting on their cases in a condemning way. You have to see his heart behind this.

See, we sometimes view God’s words through the lense of our parents, and the impressions we got as a very small child. If there was shame or condemnation in our parent’s voices (as children) when we read “OH you of little Faith” spoken in our text of the bible, we may begin to feel like God is “mad at us’ for not having enough faith!

How often have you found yourself saying “I”m sorry Father for my lack of Faith,” or I’m sorry for not trusting in you?”

Where does this come from? It comes from the overwhelming FEELING he must be displeased with us!

Now, come on! Deep down, we know he is not that unfair or unjust, that he would chastize and berate us for not having Faith, when he knows we have not had experiences that have LED to having Faith in him! He, as a good Father and as a gentle loving Shepherd, understands that he needs to take us by the hand and LEAD US into life everlasting, WHILE we are still upon this earth, “Taking his Yoke” and learning of him!

What if you were Noah? (Just think with me for a moment) There is nobody else around but you and God? Could you believe to hear from him? Noah believed in the goodness of God (that’s why he found Grace!). So did Moses, So did King David, and this was all “before” Jesus came to earth to save us!

Now, that’s the kind of Faith God wants us to have my friends, Faith in his Goodness (and unfailing love). You are the desire of his heart and he doesn’t want to lose you! You are so precious to him! Ponder on that for a second……..

Try going to biblegateway.com and type in “the love of God” Or “Mercy” and see how many scriptures you come up with! Ponder that, and get back to me………

With love,

Laura Grace


You are not insignificant……

God’s Banqueting table on this Earth is a lot like a Potluck. Everyone of God brings something to the table. All we have to do is listen, and “taste and see,” if it’s good or not. If someone brings (spiritual food) that is not good, we will soon know it!

We need to get past the mind-set that only pastors, or big name preachers, or “certain people’ prepare God’s food!

He brought me to the banqueting house, And his banner over me was love.” song of solomon 2:4 NKJV

When People say they have “no need of you” and you are God’s representative, it’s often their loss, and not an indicator that you have been disapproved by God. Keep Pressing on! God loves you, he is so proud of you- when you put your heart and soul into something for him!  He’s always watching!


God Paid for My School!

Where God Guides, He Provides!

God Paid for My Schooling! I remember when I started to study (and pray) and refused to work full-time, because if I did, I wouldn’t have time for this intenstive training with God. He let me know at that time, “Where he guides, he Provides.”

I prayed about where to go to school, checked out a whole bunch of schools, and finally settled on Liberty Univerisity Online.

How I remember the day I signed up (I was so scared!). Here I was, in my 50’s, wondering how I would possibly pay the debt. I did get some grants, but in the end, I had 15,000 in Student Loans.

In spite of my faith, my flesh did scream, “What are you going to do, Laura?”

Just in the nick of time (as usual) God came through for me. I was one month away from having to make payments, and something unexpected happened. Something Good, Something wonderful! He paid my debt.

I have never known How God would provide, but I know he has always provided. He can use any ol’ thing he wants to use! Jobs, Rummage Sales, People who suddenly give us money out of the clear blue sky for no apparent reason. One time, my daughter gambled her last 5.00 in desperation, and God caused her to win enough to pay for her rent.

(Before you roll your eyes over this, remember that Elijah was fed by a Raven (a very unclean bird according to my bible.)

God will equip you for every great work (in Him). I don’t care if it’s your Job, Schooling, Whatever it is he wants you to do, He WILL equip you! You can count on it!

2 Corinthians 9:8 And God is able to make all grace abound toward you, that you, always having all sufficiency in all things, may have an abundance for every good work.


I’ve watched him provide for my children with Backpacks, Clothing, anything you can name, God has provided it in various ways.. I’m talking about leading me to a 2.00 backpack when all I had was 2.00, or having someone give me a box of “stuff” and at the bottom of the stuff, was just what I needed for work, or for something else. It’s incredible! And all I had to do was trust him, and stand with him on the promises in his Word!

Yes, he does provide! Not only that, usually in abundance!

Praise his Holy Name! -Laura Grace