I’ve been busy……

Hi Everyone! I just realized, I really should find a way to share videos I’ve been doing on Beauty from Ashes Ministries since November of 2021. It seems I have graduated to to that ministry, (for a time) until I can find more time to write here again. Beauty From Ashes has been gracious enough to share my books on the group as well.

I will pray I can return soon and share more with you friends! Until then the Lord Bless and Keep you, and remember I am always available for prayer. You can write me at sisterzeal@yahoo.com. Peace and Blessings!



A fun post……”A slice of Fun”

Me with my 8 pound-42 cup bag of Tutti Fruity Popcorn Aug 2021

Hi there! I haven’t written for awhile.

I’ve had some real difficult struggles going on lately. My Mom who is 79 has been bed-ridden, having a hard hard time, and her husband has dementia. I work at a job 30 miles from home now, and between my Deli Job and caring for My Mom, plus my own life at home (which I am determined to keep up on) I have been busy! I still pray every day, ask to GROW and ask God to show me what he wants to teach me today!

Anyway, My husband replaced his windshield less than a month ago (Over 200.00) and today we had to do it again! We were not too happy about it, plus I’ve been praying hard about many things (expenses going up, friends with corona virus, my kids, my geriatric dog who has difficulty walking). Just a lot of stuff on my plate.

I wanted a bag of Tutti Fruity Popcorn from this place called the Popcorn Colonel in Great Falls Mt. I allow myself a few treats now and then, and this is a favorite. So I had my tip money with me, and grabbed a bag that was 11.00 (Large). I thought I was being pretty generous to myself! My husband says “You should get the Jumbo!” I thought he was joking!

I had asked God to help today be FUN since I woke up feeling like “Oh boy this is not going to be fun!” We were getting windshield that wiped out our fun money because of a deer hitting the car, and getting groceries. How Exciting! (Ha ha) So I came home with this giant bag of my favorite popcorn! A reminder to me that in all our days of work and responsiblities, we should not forget to “Have a slice of fun.”

-With Love, Laura


Doing the right thing…..(pressing on) Why should I? …….

Grace to the Rescue pic.jpg I can remember times when doing the right thing was like pulling teeth For me, literally. I hope this is not too candid, but I can remember times I screamed and hollered to the Lord I cannot take this anymore (screaming!!) and telling him how unfair it all was. I told him when I was tempted beyond what I could bear, I cried, yelled, begged, pleaded and said why why why don’t you do something about ________(so and so).

  Injustice was a thing that drove me nearly insane, as my soul counted up the cost of doing the right things for years on end, while someone else did what they pleased (and seemed to have no consequence). I was doing it God’s way and I wanted his help. I need him to back me up or I could do it no longer. I finally came to a place I had to say okay, I”ll go without him (my spouse) “Please Father do not let me Go!” 

You see, you really can’t do the counselling “co-dependent no more” thing and love your enemies and bless them at the same time.

Can you? I wish I could get across to some people out there (who have never experienced being married to an addict) that many are so slippery about not getting caught, covering their tracks, lying, getting away with stuff (and on and on it goes)

They aren’t BAD enough to get sentenced to treatment sometimes. I did the intervention thing, got him all mad at me, then he stayed one day and ran away from there. Telling people to do tough love ain’t that easy, unless you are willing to be like the good samaritan who paid the whole cost for someone’s healing.  Why do I say that? Because: ALL THOSE PROGRAMS you heard about, often do not help. Women who try to get free often get beat up, silenced and they finally stop telling you what is going on. They fear for their lives. Capice? 

How many of you out there have just wanted to give up? Be honest! If you’ve loved, forgiven, prayed, turned the other cheek so many times you lost count, isn’t there a time you finally say “Enough already?” Maybe just give up on that person and don’t tell anyone, because if you have to hear one more “love lecture” It will be the end of your rope! What’s the purpose of this message right now? It’s This: 


If you Shrink back from Jesus because your abuser makes you want to turn on God it’s TIME TO GO………….GET OUT OF THERE! Nothing is worth losing Jesus over. 

The same applies to Jobs where you are being abused, when church people abuse you……..(and on and on it goes). Pray for God to help you as his GRACE will keep you where he intends you to be. Sometimes we are “no longer graced to be” in a certain situation. It’s time to go……….

If you have loved and forgiven, loved and forgiven, God gave you the grace to do that. You asked for strength, he gave it to you. If you can’t do it anymore even after prayer IT”S TIME TO LET GO! You matter too. God doesn’t want anyone “dragging your soul to hell” because they are bent on destruction. 

Having Faith means not letting go of Jesus’ hands. Have faith to let go my friend, Have faith to press on…..Have Faith to see miracles, have Faith to believe the miracle might just be “YOU” surviving this…..”Have Faith” …..

  How you accomplish that, is between you and God, my friend. 


And, “But my righteous one will live by faith. And I take no pleasure in the one who shrinks back.” Hebrews 10:38 

Laura Grace, author, Grace to the Rescue. A story of Deliverance. A story of Love. A story of Hope. A story of Redemption. And it’s all true: