He Paid the Price, IN Advance, for your learning in Him…..

God just said (to me) he paid the price for our mistakes at the Cross. He’s got us covered, in advance for every mistake we would ever make. What we call failure, he calls learning, and “His School.”

He paid the price in advance, for every mistake he knew we would make, & He’s got us covered. He doesn’t hold us accountable to make grown up decisions until we are all grown up in Him.”

So now, forgive yourself and stop worrying….His love redeemed you before you ever got into debt financially or otherwise.” -Laura Grace

The closest scriptural referrence I can give you right now is 2 Corn 10 when Paul said “once your obedience in complete.” God decides when we are grown up and accountable. We are not to even Judge Ourselves Harshly. -LG


Becoming Mature and complete (James) what does it mean?

Surrendering VS giving up…. by Laura Grace

” …but in understanding be mature. ” 1 Corn 14:20 “Be Mature” (Book of James)

I’ve told some of you this but….I feel I must repeat it again. Many years ago (the year 2000) I made this chart with little tombstones. Each one had things I had prayed for since 1991.

They were things I’d believed for, based on “delight in me, I will give you the desires of your heart.” (Psalm 37). And believe me, I kept busy finding ways to delight in him! I really did But, he saw right through me.

Based on something I read by Martin Luther, I had an actual funeral service, and said to the Lord, “I still believe you for these things, but I am not going to mention it again. I told him, I have to let go and just give this to you and trust you to remember, because I am too frustrated, trying to believe day after day for these things I have asked you for.”

I didn’t want to give up, but I did wish to surrender. i didn’t want to be la-te-da about my faith, but I also didn’t want to be consumed with the things I was beleiving for, and fail to learn about God according to HIS Plans!

I can look back now, and see there were believers looking at me thinking “She is out of balance.” I was looking at them, thinking the same thing! 😳😬😄

Abraham believed and didn’t waiver. Noah built the Ark God told him to build. Sampson fought God’s enemies with fervor. King David chased after God’s very heart! We learn something good from each example in our bibles. Could it be we were meant to possess ALL these good traits (of Jesus) and that is what it means to become Perfect, Mature, and Complete in Him?

I think so! We should not push away Faith, but we can also learn something from those who have learned to be content with what they have. We can learn Humility from one person, and how to fight bravely in Faith from another. Nobody in the Body of Christ should ever feel rejected. Especially by their own Brethren. Everyone has something to contribute.

In Surrendering that day, I opened myself up to learn from some other people, not just those who “Fight and conquer’ by Faith!

Pondering in Love , do you ever do that? Just ponder, for awhile, IN His Presence!

It was actually a realy good day, but it didn’t seem like it then. Now every one of those tombstone prayers have been answered, in God’s own good time.

I am at that same place again. “Father, I surrender to you” this day and all those things I”ve prayed and believed for? (with all of my heart?) I place it in your hands right now Father, I trust you! You’ve got this!”

“Father, I trust in you. You care even more than I do, Amen” Now let me say this please, do not be afraid to pray that way! God’s Got you! He saw you fighting in Faith, my friend. You will lose NOTHING when you surrender it to him.

Laura Grace, Child of God, servant of God, author, Mom, grandma, wife, and your friend if you’ll have me.



    We live in a society that rewards us for doing good (Much of the time) a raise for our work, a bonus for doing an extra great job, Prizes for those who work extra hard at something. A lot of times when hard things or difficult things happen to people, they feel like “what did I do?” to deserve this? We have a reward mentality this is where the saying comes “Nice guys finish last” (a very negative saying!) We see things as being in God’s control, even though Jesus said: “in the world” we’ll have tribulation” and he did not say he gives it to us, he just said it would happen.

     So, when we got news Tim had cancer, it sent our minds into tribulation. Jesus is interested in building his kingdom within us, we are interested in having the problem solved. Can’t God just do miracles? Sure, he can. But just like kids do not grow into adults without what they consider to be tribulation (at school, with friends and so on) we spiritually don’t learn to stand in that Kingdom (within us) without something happening to see what we’re made of. I don’t like storms, and none of us “like trials”.

     When Tim (found out) he had cancer, it was a very bad day for us. We looked to the future and saw possible devastation, financially and otherwise.

     We had to choose to put the whole thing in God’s hands, time and time again.

     As we do this, the Kingdom of God is being built within us.

     The day he had his biopsy (June 2017) God spoke to me 8 things, I wrote them in my Journal and one of them was “Tim will be fine,” But at the same time, The Lord told me to declare victory in the face of evil, among other things. He also said “go hand in hand” which meant the Lord wanted us to face this together (With God’s help) We wanted a miracle as in “No doctor.” We were spending our faith believing for that miracle, but at some point, God let us know he wanted us to trust him THROUGH the tribulation of surgery. Trusting God through It and Trusting God to be delivered from something, can (and often will) happen at the same time.

      Anytime we believe for something in God’s word and it becomes more real to us than what the rest of the world is saying, that’s Kingdom Living!

     It takes Faith to ask or believe for a miracle and it takes faith to believe for peace, Joy and righteousness too. God wants to build his Kingdom within us. We have to receive it by faith.

     Many people wind up on medication because of the hard or difficult times they’ve been through.

     What a wonderful place to Live (IN) the Kingdom of God! It’s within us!

Someday these things we are previewing, will become the place we live forever.

                                                 “Your Kingdom Come” Father, Your will Be done “ON EARTH” as it is in Heaven…….Think about that for a minute!

It’s a real prayer of Faith! -Laura Grace