A fun post……”A slice of Fun”

Me with my 8 pound-42 cup bag of Tutti Fruity Popcorn Aug 2021

Hi there! I haven’t written for awhile.

I’ve had some real difficult struggles going on lately. My Mom who is 79 has been bed-ridden, having a hard hard time, and her husband has dementia. I work at a job 30 miles from home now, and between my Deli Job and caring for My Mom, plus my own life at home (which I am determined to keep up on) I have been busy! I still pray every day, ask to GROW and ask God to show me what he wants to teach me today!

Anyway, My husband replaced his windshield less than a month ago (Over 200.00) and today we had to do it again! We were not too happy about it, plus I’ve been praying hard about many things (expenses going up, friends with corona virus, my kids, my geriatric dog who has difficulty walking). Just a lot of stuff on my plate.

I wanted a bag of Tutti Fruity Popcorn from this place called the Popcorn Colonel in Great Falls Mt. I allow myself a few treats now and then, and this is a favorite. So I had my tip money with me, and grabbed a bag that was 11.00 (Large). I thought I was being pretty generous to myself! My husband says “You should get the Jumbo!” I thought he was joking!

I had asked God to help today be FUN since I woke up feeling like “Oh boy this is not going to be fun!” We were getting windshield that wiped out our fun money because of a deer hitting the car, and getting groceries. How Exciting! (Ha ha) So I came home with this giant bag of my favorite popcorn! A reminder to me that in all our days of work and responsiblities, we should not forget to “Have a slice of fun.”

-With Love, Laura