A Project I started in 2020…..by Laura Grace……

Hi Everyone and Good Morning! HAPPY NEW YEAR! It’s 2022 now.

2020 was an interesting year. I remember the fear and the masks and the shut downs.

I started a book in June of that year, and it’s completed now. I just finished it in December of 2021.

Here is a little excerp from my book:

    “What is it that makes us not feel like we are a success? Is it truly what other people say? Or is it something that we ourselves believe, deep down?

     I think for me, not living up to my own expectations of myself is what ultimately makes me feel like a failure.

     I know someone is going to say, (as they read this) that feelings do not matter, but I am not talking about come-and-go type feelings here. I am talking about a deep-down-in-your-soul feeling that you have not quite done enough.

     We all need to look at ourselves in the mirror. Go right now and look at that reflection of you staring back, and ask yourself,

     “Have I really done all I could do?” “Have I lived up to my potential?” “Is this person looking back at me, someone I can admire, or even praise?”

     Why, or why not? There is nothing wrong with doing an assessment now and then.

     When you do it however, how about basing it on your own opinion, and not someone else, and what they might say?

     How about thinking in terms of facing your creator one day, and explaining to him what you did with your life?

     When I think about giving up, I think about explaining to Jesus why I gave up. Honestly, looking him in the eye and saying,

     “Well, I had to give up Lord, things were just too hard,” sounds terribly frightening to me.

     You want to know what makes me tick; it is honestly not that complicated.

     Days that I lost being upset over trivial things are part of my regrets.

     Days that I lost worrying over things I cannot change is also on the list.

     Days that I stubbornly refused to even try to reach my dreams because I had halfway given up, are another.

     Regrets. What can we do about them?

     Nothing. We cannot fix the past, all we can do is go forward now, today.

     And that is exactly what I am doing my children, in writing this book.”

     With Love, Mom        

In 2020 I went forward. Sang songs at a nearby Deli.

I Did church services at a bar (while it was closed) And at Town Hall.

I hope your year is both prosperous and blessed. That you are able to shake off what has happened in the past, and go forward in Christ with a new passion and attitude of optimism for the future. After all, Jesus really has promised us great things (New Life, Abundant life, in Him!). with love and affection for you, his people.


Letters to My Children by Laura Grace