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Hypocrisy! Do you have it? Dare to find out?

BREAD.jpgLuke 12:1 Meanwhile, when a crowd of many thousands had gathered, so that they were trampling on one another, Jesus began to speak first to his disciples, saying: “Be on your guard against the yeast of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy.”

Jesus did not mince words here.  Jesus actually warned his disciples, several times, about this sin. You know, a lot of people who knew me (a few years back) think I have toned it down too much, or perhaps I am even compromising, because I don’t make a strong stand about politics, or many other ISSUES I used to be very vocal about, as a Christian.

The reason is not compromise. It’s because I have asked God to PURGE the yeast of the Pharisee OUT of me. Pharisees are good at pointing fingers at other people (and their sin!).

I have had people point fingers at me, Saying “well you were divorced” (and quote scripture to tell me how I am now some permanent adulteress?) Yes, this has actually happened, from supposed GOD LOVING Christians!

I am filled with the Spirit of God, I have prayed for discernment, Love, Fruits of the Spirit (Daily) and let me tell you something, I can see their hypocrisy, as clear as day.

The bible says “Thou Shalt have No Other God’s before me” (warning of Idolatry), beginning with the 10 commandments, and later on in our New Testament it says, “my little children, keep yourselves from idols’.

Many who think they are so holier-than-thou, have idols in their lives, at one time or another. Whatever is put before God (at any time) Is an idol. Their children, their church, their job, their houses…………..

Their spouse, their finances, their SHOPPING ……..

At any moment if you have put something BEFORE GOD at that very moment, it is an idol. And if I read my bible as if it were some sword to stab you with, I would have to tell you I cannot even eat with you……..that you are going to be left out of God’s Kingdom!

This is the hypocrisy Jesus was talking about. The leaven that gets into the whole lump.

The reason so many stay out of church and say “I don’t go there, hypocrites go there” is because even the lost, who are wandering, looking for Jesus, can spot a hypocrite when they see one. As I minister to people, I have had many say “you are different, you are real”

It’s a compliment, one I Praise God for, (every day). no I’m not an idol…….(thank God) People are not flocking to me by the thousands, because I say what they want to hear.

Incidentally, many turned from Jesus, when he started to get down to business! He was left with 11………

I have counted the cost, I have made up my mind. I hate sin (Just as God does) But you know what? I’m not one to go around pointing fingers and screaming SINNER!

Because I too am a sinner…….saved by Grace.

Laura Grace, Author, minister, mom, wife, grandma …….and lover of God ………..

It grieves my heart…when I see self-righteous Christians parading around…..acting like they are “ALL THAT” ….did you forget who you were, before Jesus saved you?

Heavenly Father, In the name of Jesus I pray..if I have any areas of hypocrisy in my life PURGE IT FROM ME! Let me walk in and partake of the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth I pray! identify any idols in my life, help me cast them down….

I long to worship you…..and you alone Father God. Don’t even let me idolize anyone’s teachings or leadership……I belong to you…….




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Getting free from religion……….


Getting Free from Religion

Ecclesiastes 7: And I find bitterer than death, the woman whose heart is snares and nets, whose hands are fetters. He who pleases God shall escape from her, but the sinner shall be trapped by her. (NKJV)

This passage jumped off the pages at me, many years ago. I remember reading it over and over, fascinated, as I knew it was ministering to me, but, was not sure why.

I believe the reason is, I saw right away, that the scripture is talking about a flesh and blood problem, versus a spiritual one. I believe demons empower evil thinking, and evil ways, just as the Lord, His Spirit, and His Angels, help those who are on the right track.

At the time I read it, I could relate. I had been in a long time of trying to understand a person, who did not want to be understood. Oh, they said they did, but in reality, the goal of their heart was to dominate me, make me do things their way, and trap me in my own desires and words. And what, (you might ask) does this have to do with religion?

Religion is doing something to please God, whereas relationship with God, is to walk and talk with Him, just as Adam did in the garden, so long ago.


If we really believe Jesus came to break the curses, give us new birth, restoration with our Heavenly Father, and all the other numerous promises he made, why is this so hard to grasp? Well, because religion comes in, sometimes with the help of the enemy, and teaches us we have to earn everything. We believe for one minute, Jesus paid the price to redeem us, and he is our righteousness, and we are so delivered, and the next minute, someone is teaching us it’s all conditional, and not free, after all.


I related to the “more bitter than death” part of the passage, and I certainly did feel the snares. How I knew I was snared, was that every time I tried to walk away, (from my captor) the guilt snare pulled me backward. If that didn’t work, the trapping of my own promises, caught me instead. No matter what I did, the enemy (of hell) always seemed to have a way to snare me, trap me, and keep me shackled. I was shackled by the rule to love, to forgive, to always trust, to never give up on anybody. I was chained to fear, fearing I would disobey God if I just walked away, from this person I had sworn to love.


Jezebel was (an actual) person. I don’t know where anyone gets the idea there is a spirit of Jezebel, but to me that just means, a person who acts just like she did. It’s not the same thing as a spirit of infirmity, the spirit of anti-Christ, or even legion.

From the upcoming book, Grace to Soar, by Laura Grace, soon to be released.