The secret place……..

The Secret Place:

I have decided to do some excerps from the book “Living Safely in a dangerous world” by Mac Hammond Here is today’s excerp: “Psalm 91 is born of Moses’ personal experience with God the deliverer.

Notice the first verse: He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. Immediately, Moses tells us of a special place he calls “the secret place of the most High.” We’re told it is possible to “dwell” there. The Hebrew word translated “dwell” literally means “to stake a claim to” or “to remain.”

The Secret Place of God is not a place you can slip in and out of from hour to hour. It’s not a position that is attained one moment and lost another. To truly abide in the Secret Place requires living there. It’s a lifestyle. What is the result of living in this Secret Place? The second half of the verse tells us: you “shall abide under the shadow ofthe Almighty.” Throughout the Bible, the concept of a shadow is used to symbolize God’s anointing and covering presence.”

From The book: “Living Safely in a Dangerous World” By Mac Hammond ❤ Published by Mac Hammond Ministries

Let’s Pray: “Father we thank you that you want us living in this secret place! It’s also mentioned in 1 John when you said “abide in me” and we ask you this, Father, let your words abide or live in us and help us to live IN YOU. In our minds and in our hearts Father let your word take precedence in our very lives. in Jesus’ name ………Amen.”