Transparent and in the light: June 22, 2015

Transparent and walking in the light: Day 4. The cool thing about Testimonies is that what we have experience with God for real becomes the very rock and foundation we stand on. Storms cannot take someone off the rock.

I find I cannot stand on hearsay. I cannot stand on what others say is true. When God says something is true and proves it to me -it becomes (one brick at a time) a house built upon the rock.

I can learn a lot just by listening to people and I can tell if their belief systems is based on real live experiences or hear-say.

Many things the world says turns out to be hear-say later on. Ultimately God said through his servant James to love the world is to be Adulterous. This is why Jesus was so adamant about saying what defiles comes from within (book of Mark, chapter 7). When he refused to condemn people Jesus was not saying there is not sin he was trying to teach us not to judge by outward appearance.

If we freak out over every sin we “see’ With our eyes we don’t learn to see with our hearts. God wants to open the eyes of our hearts and see what he sees. This is one if the many many things he has taught me. If I share what God teaches me with others that means I love you otherwise I would not share the very treasures of my heart with you. With Love and prayers,

Laura Grace

Author of Grace to the Rescue

and Grace to Grow.

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