Don’t ever be sorry you had Faith: by Laura Grace (you’re growing)

The smoke finally cleared up in MT the other day and I was SO GLAD! We got rain and some of the fires have been contained and some evacuations were cancelled as well. I attribute it to God and I am still believing for the other fires to go out too across the other states. I was thinking the other day about lepers and how Jesus cleansed the lepers! He was not scared of catching leprosy he just cast it out. Over the years I have wondered how we get to that point (In being like the Son of God) that we can actually believe leprosy has to shrivel up and die in our very presence at the sound of our voice and the laying on of hands.

I don’t believe it’s too far fetched to believe for such things; However we must realize two things I believe. #1 the leper has to believe too (to be cleansed) and #2 we have to grow in our faith towards God along with the other growing we do. How will this happen? Like anything else “HEALING” is a subject we need to learn about (and grow in as well!). We should not grow weary in our training and learning about the things of God should we? We should not give up and despair or say healing must not be for us just because we did not experience the success that Jesus did “right away’ or overnight’. Therefore I continue to practice the art of believing and having Faith and stretch myself as far as I can go……….

Physical therapy is painful but brings ‘restoration” ….how else will we ever be restored to what God intended if we are not willing to stretch ourselves and learn more and grow more (and up in him?) so let’s discard the idea we are crazy to believe for healing or that “God must not have wanted to heal” and all the other excuses we make just because things did not turn out the way we hoped the first time (or the second or the third!). Don’t ever be sorry you had faith. you are stretching, you are growing. Amen ..Father today help us continue to strive to grow up in you more and more and help us to not be weary or lose heart! Thank you that as we apply ourselves to know you more you will give us more! help us not to settle for any less than your highest good for us which is YOUR truth not our own. amen” sunon the lack

Laura Grace

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