Pain changes people …………How do we restore them?


It’s true. I miss this one song we used to sing in church “I’m healing you sayeth the Lord, restoring you, sayeth the Lord” Making you whole “for I am the Lord your God…….”

So often a person never gets the chance to be restored if someone is ‘on their case’ about what they are doing wrong all the time. It’s really important to get to know people before we jump to conclusions. what have they been through? Do they want to be restored? If so how can we help that to happen? Souls (even though a person is born again) can need healing. Jesus is #1 into reconciling people to God #2 healing and restoring them #3 training them HIS way to do what they were called by him to do! In between they have to take care of jobs, family and take care of business and he knows that also. he is not into over burdening people with more burdens they cannot bear. #knowtherealjesus      -Laura Grace, Author #Grace to Grow and more to come.

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