I’m a Pioneer (part 2) The spirit of anti-christ

When I was married to a drug addict who lied all the time, convinced me to believe things were going to be different, only to do the same things over and over, trust me when I say, it was hard sometimes to not become bitter, or even cynical.

Grace to the rescue cover0002Loving a guy on the street who is homeless, praying for him, and all that, is great, (and showing love) but a person who has never been married to a con artist, continual liar, or one who continues to resist God (all the time, at every turn) has truly no idea what that type of life is like.

We read stories of Pioneers, how women were raped, taken captive, and about men who beat their wives back then and bragged about it. We are horrified, yet we cannot truly imagine it. Now, we have a nation afraid, because for those who understand the tyranny of religion that endorses female mutilation, child-brides, or actually killing people who do not bow to their religion, well they are truly frightened indeed.

The children of Israel, long ago, became bitter over what they suffered and had to be healed of it. I believe bitterness sets in when we have believed wrongly that God will fix everything in our lives and make all our dreams come true, and then when it doesn’t happen, we have the choice to accept that suffering disappointment is part of our Journey or, we can dwell on the disappointment and eventually become bitter.

 Many fell away from Jesus when they realized he was not coming to rule Rome at that time, or overthrow the wickedness in the government once and for all. Jesus is not going to rule and reign until it’s time. Now, He is willing to rule and reign over YOU if you’ll allow it (and give you much Joy.) Listen, here’s the thing. When someone is embracing the spirit of anti-Christ, that is to say, rejecting God’s way of doing things, not wanting God’s council, not wanting the Spirit of God’s input, not wanting wisdom,

and wanting nothing to do with Jesus’s “advice” If you will, and then they gather supporters to rally with them for THEIR CAUSE and not the cause of Christ, what do you think will happen? You will be outnumbered. When this happens, we have to pray for a way of escape. The sooner we realize God really will build us a hiding place, IN HIM, the better off we will be. The spirit of anti-Christ has always been at work, just for some, it has not been at their door until now. We need to grow and mature in Christ, to the point we can stand up to these things and not be shaken by it.

A mature Christian realizes no matter how many devils you cast out, there will always be more. They realize the ROCK Of revelation (to us personally) is what our house needs to be built on, and they realize the very pearls and gems of God’s wisdom needs to become real to them. These are the precious stones we build with, if we want to remain secure and unshaken. It’s a heart thing. Make up your mind to get the word of God deep in your heart today and let it become such a part of you, that you will not be shaken. And by the way, God did preserve and Protect me and my faith in Him during some extremely turbulent times. And He can do it for you as well.


Laura grace, author, Grace to the Rescue, Grace to Grow and Grace to Grow Study Guide, available on Amazon or write me: sisterzeal@yahoo.com

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