The Word Of God People…..

A READ YOUR BIBLE POSTERWe have many who say, if it isn’t in the bible, it just isn’t so. Therefore, we have what I call “the word of God people.” I had a person once tell me, “show me the word fun” in the bible. Because it wasn’t there, they honestly believed God does not allow us to have fun.

I’m going to say this, what does being a disciple mean to you? “Come, follow me,” What do those words mean to you, personally?

Do you even know? Jesus came, asked some fishermen (and others) to follow him. After He died, and was resurrected, He said he would send another teacher, the Holy Spirit. He said it was GOOD He went, so the Holy Spirit could teach us.

You should not be afraid, to read the bible for yourselves. If there is something you don’t understand, don’t be afraid to ask God for understanding, and how this particular passage applies to your life, personally.

If you are afraid, there is something wrong. When I became Born Again, the Word of God became alive to me. I was just silly enough to believe God actually DID become my Father, and that the Lord really IS my Shepherd.

Of all the things that messed me up in life, I am sad to say, it was church people that messed me up the most. Why? Not because they are bad people, surely not. Not because they meant to mess me up. It’s because they were following each other (Not God) and then the whole lot of them were falling into the ditch (and leading me there as well.)

I”m sorry to tell you, that you will not find this out until you need some counselling that is a life or death decision, and the reason a lot of people have quit the church, left and never returned, is they got some cliche’ or platitude from a Christian, which did not work for them. Until we start facing the facts (people of God) that this is not a game, lives are at stake, and we need to PRAY before we speak (asking the Holy Spirit for direction) we will certainly not be world changers.

We will be yelling scriptures and the world will continue to plug their ears. Why? They don’t need scriptures shouted at them, They (and we) Need to Know Jesus for real. The ability to quote scripture is certainly not the same thing as Knowing God for yourself…….

The reason you are tempted to compromise is, deep down, you know you don’t know……

So, let’s start knowing (God) for ourselves, shall we? And not be a parrots.

Laura Grace, Author, Grace to Grow Study Guide (available on Amazon)




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