Are you weary, tired? A whole new spin on sin……

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A whole new spin, on sin

Before we soar, we run. How do I know? It says so, in Isaiah chapter 40, “they will run and not be weary, they will walk and not faint,” is before we soar!

In Hebrews 12 it says, cast off the weight, and sin that besets you (weighs you down) and run (with patience) the race SET before you. God sets the race, you are the one who decides to run it, and the Holy Spirit is willing to show you, what weighs you down.

We don’t need to police each other about sin, in the Body of Christ. What we need to do is encourage. The word encourage means, to build up, (not tear down). Therefore, how do we encourage each other? If you see a person who is running, panting, wheezing, and is carrying a heavy load, what should we do?

We step in and help. Don’t we? If we can’t help we pray, if we can’t pray, we need to grow some more, until we can offer that blessing.

Here’s my spin on sin- it’s a lot of work to keep on sinning. If a person is ensnared (by sin) whether it’s an obvious sin, like porn addiction, drug addiction, Television addiction, shopping addiction, or any other type of snare, the person trapped by this is the one in trouble, not you, yourself. If they are in trouble, they need prayer, not condemnation.

I feel sorry for people trapped in sin. Did you hear me? I feel sad, sorry, and my heart goes out to them. Why? Because, it’s a lot of work to keep sin going. It demands more and more from you, it robs people of time they could be doing other things, like loving their family, caring for their children, and living life abundant.

We need to encourage by saying things like, “Look, without this hindrance, you could run faster, farther, and more efficiently.” Any disobedience to God is sin. Because of the righteousness of Jesus IN WHICH you stand as a Christian, you are constantly forgiven, even of all the sins you do not see right now.

Therefore, to say “Hey, Maybe you can run better,” minus this weight of false guilt, shame, people’s opinions about what you should be doing, or any other interference Paul was discussing, in Galatians 3, is helpful. Not helpful? Getting on someone’s case, telling them what a big sinner they are, according to you!


We are not policemen, we are encouragers! “My bible tells me so”  and besides, feeling we have to be policemen, is also a weight. Get rid of it! I sure did! Praise GOD

 From the upcoming book grace to soar, soon to be released. Laura Grace

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