Fear, be gone!


However, It’s not an overnight experience! (How I wish it was)

AS my friend Missy was pointing out this morning, we need a renewed mind. It doesn’t mean hide from the facts. I used to hide in what a call a ‘God bubble” and had this see no evil and fear no evil mentality. Part of Growing is to face reality, FACE REALITY no matter how scary and allow God to do a REAL work in your heart of removing those fears, one by one. Getting to know Him. IT IS SO IMPORTANT! Nobody can do it for you! Get started today! being friends means, we know each other.‪#‎knowGod‬ ‪#‎Jesus

My New Book, Grace to Soar is Available on Kindle today. The Paperback will be available in two days on Amazon. (Just so you know!) with love to you all in Christ Jesus,


Laura Grace

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