Are we off to see the wizard…for a heart? Grace to grow series, Part 1

wizard of ozYou remember the Tin Man, right? He wanted to see the wizard about getting himself a heart. Now, don’t dwell on that thought too long (the movie, I mean) But just where do we go now days to get our heart back for Jesus?

Some who read this, have never known him. Some will think, they already do. Just because we know about someone, does not mean that we know them. I know My husband pretty well, and I also know ABOUT HIM. Intimacy comes from interaction.

If I went to a building each week, to learn about my husband, even for hours at a time, should I commend myself for this? Do I know him now, because I have been informed about Tim at length, and in vivid detail? HMMM

Dorothy Got to know the Tin Man, at least to a degree, and became friends with him. And let’s say, they were off to see GOD about his heart, instead of this wizard.

I wonder if God would have said the same thing to him: “You already have one, you just needed to discover who you are, in me!”

The Wizard of Oz really is a powerful story, about a Journey, a dream, friendship, and how there is “no place like home” with the people who know and love us. I can almost see God watching that movie with me saying, “See, She got no real answers from the wizard, did she?” “No Lord, she didn’t” I would say.

God is love. He doesn’t come thundering down on us and scare us half to death, WHEN We are in a spirit of just seeking and learning and trying to grow.

His wrath is reserved for those who not only refuse to seek him, hear him, or know him, but they continue to try and thwart everyone who TRIES! I understand the wrath of God and where it comes from,

because it happens to me whenever someone messes with my children, or my loved ones.

Just remember, sometimes you are seeking something from the Lord, He will show you it’s right there in your own back yard, or it was right there, in your own heart, the whole entire time. He just wants to draw it out! Simple! The things of God are really so very simple it will blow you away sometimes! Love and prayers….

Laura Grace Author, Grace to Grow, Grace to Grow Study Guide, Grace to Soar. Available on Amazon.



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