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You become good at what you are passionate about……..

There is just no getting around it. We become good at what we are passionate about! Whether it’s to be a cheerleader for someone else’s team, an art project (seen below) and I can promise you, this guys knees got sore! What we are passionate about is where our talents lay, and will be developed! Discipline, boundaries, determination, getting rid of old mindsets, FAITH, Determination, Wisdom…….

All of this (and more) will help us succeed, but we need passion first. A sincere desire! A hunger (and thirst) to accomplish a certain thing. Nobody can give us “the passion” To do great things! And whether you are passionate about gardening, ironing, speaking, teaching, preaching, singing, learning, growing, (or whatever it is) We won’t get there by just sitting around dreaming about it! Get Going! Start today! Prepare for what is ahead for you! Long ago I picked up a guitar and made up my mind to learn it……

Many blisters later, I did learn to play. Oh the frustration! but there was determination! hard work! keeping at it! Be your own cheer leader! Tell YOURSELF you can do this! Look in the mirror and say “TODAY IS YOUR DAY” “You can do this!” “YOU ROCK” 

with love and blessings, Laura Grace


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