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Your corner of the world……..


I was just thinking (what to post) As I have not posted as often lately, as I was before. I was thinking how we just need to be what we are called to be “in our little corner of the world” so to speak, until the Time God ushers us elsewhere. Faithfulness is not just about going to church faithfully. Many people daily go to work, clean their houses, tend to their children, Bless their communities, trim the trees, paint garages…..

Fix their cars, pay their taxes, take time to smile and talk to the grocery clerk, decide NOT to retaliate against that bad driver they just encountered, Volunteer to go the extra mile, pray for people, hold the hand of a friend that is in a difficult time, (sigh) yes do the dishes, take out the trash, feed the dog or cat, and oh “choose celery” over cake (at least for today) take time to smile at some kids dressed up for Halloween even if you don’t like that holiday much, (but say wow that costume is cute) Pray for someone instead of cussing them out because you find them offensive, (and so on and so forth) 

A million things we do each day…..

a million chances come our way 

To Make this world a better place 

And it fill it with God’s love and grace! 

I was thinking…..I wish I had figured this out sooner but….

Everything we do really DOES make a difference to someone! 

So Shine Shine Shine! -Laura Grace






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