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Being Rich vs the Desire to be Rich! There is a BIG difference!


There is a big difference between the desire to be rich, and being rich. Let’s pray: Father thank you for speaking to me and giving revelation to my heart and mind. Cause me to understand your word better Father I pray, and not be clueless or just listening to what others say about you! Help me to know you! In Jesus’ name. amen. 

I am a preacher who tends to speak not ‘word for word” scripture, but everything I say is based on scripture. The “branches and leaves” of the original vine, if you will. This is because I want you to read it for yourself, and not just “follow me.” 

THERE Seems to be a contradiction if you read the scripture without inviting God’s SPIRIT in. This is WHY there is so many different beliefs, among Christians about nearly everything. God seems to be chastising the rich in one place, and saying he’ll make us wealthy in another. 

I am here to tell you, there is not a contradiction. James says, those who desire to be rich fall into temptation. Evil desire gives birth to sin…….(in another passage) …….

In Luke, we have a rich young ruler, who was challenged about what mattered to him most: The kingdom of God or his money? Jesus was walking in the same wisdom He gave Solomon here. (If you have read these things, you will understand what I am saying here.) And in Matthew, we have “easier to go through the eye of a needle” than for a rich man (who is attached to his riches) to enter in. FINALLY we have Rev 3 where 

God really clarifies what he’s been saying about wealth the whole time: “YOU DON”T THINK YOU NEED ME” (Paraphrase) because you rely on yourself, and your money! 

So we see, as we contemplate, (and let those religious ideas go out the window!) That God is not contradicting himself. Why are the generous soul made rich? Because, God wants to equip the generous with more to give! They have proven they love people, not money. Sometimes people are rich because the evil one did it, so that they would not ever become all they were meant to be, in Christ. So don’t let riches fool you, one way or the other. Don’t get attached to it, the wise man said in Proverbs. 

I do hope this clarifies whether we can or cannot, pray for Prosperity. Examine your heart, seek God about it, and don’t let “the desire” to be rich take over your love for God and his Kingdom. If you do that, you will do well, prospering or not! 


With Love, Laura Grace, Author, minister, servant of Christ 




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