God Our Preserver, Provider, and Friend…….by Laura Grace

In Spite of the fact I KNOW God knows better …..Well I must not trust him
as much as I should, because so often, I do try to demand my own way. I
never win of course. God heard me when I said my life is yours. He did. He
really really did.  I don’t always like what he seems to allow. I am convinced
God is our Provider, Protector, Preserver and Friend. he adds the fourth P
(Prosperity) at will, when he thinks we are ready for using it for his glory.
The Four P’s he showed me a long time ago. He is PROVIDER Of all we need.
Protector from soul attacks and physical attacks and keeping those things
from destroying us. Hence my FAVORITE song “Trading my sorrows” cast
down at times but not destroyed. Dying but not dead. Dying to self for many
Christians, often feels like depression. Yes we are pressed down. but we will
always rise again in Him. Over and over. Resurrection Power! It always comes.
I love it when the word of God has taken root so deeply that his ways make
more sense than our own! that’s a good day don’t you think? It means we are
accomplishing what he meant for us to accomplish. “THE WORD” Has become
flesh to the point well we’re preserved. Like salted meat! we aren’t rotting or
spoiled………WE are Preserved by The salt of his word! I love it!!
-Growing in Grace and the Knowledge of Him, today and always, Laura Grace

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