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Jesus masks…..


Yesterday I was crying out to Jesus. You see, I was stuck! I have been running so hard and trying to keep up with what God “seems” to have given me, I just could not keep up any longer…….

So I had to stop and cry out to Jesus.

The Lord gave me signs and wonders that he was with me (on the stopping to pray decision.) He confirmed in numerous ways, “YES” this is what you are supposed to be doing. I was thinking and praying on how I do not like cookie cutter Christianity and formats and methods…….

and suddenly I saw a Jesus mask. I have worn it. Others have worn it (often.) It comes out every time we don’t know what to do, or what to say. We put on the mask and quote a scripture. Now, applying the word of God to our lives is one thing…

But hiding behind a mask is totally another. I’ll be making a video about this as soon,as soon as my Jesus Mask arrives in the mail. I believe speaking this live and in person will be far more powerful than any blog I could write. Praying the message gets out there! AS I know this is from God (and he will back me up on it!). take it to the bank! He will!

with love, Laura Grace

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