Relationship Help: Who submits to who? And when? Is it really this complicated?

Hi! I’ve been studying the bible for years now. I don’t know about you but, I found the more I studied, the more complicated it got! (For awhile anyway). The bible says wives submit to your own husbands. But just prior to that (Ephesians) It says submit to one another! It also says submit to God, submit to your leaders, submit to governing authorities but then somewhere else it says “better to obey God than man.” 

Words like submission, obedience, surrender…..

These become words we kind of throw around, without really thinking about what we are saying, if we are not careful. I remember reading about that woman with the meek and quiet spirit a few years back, all of us gathered at a bible study, nodding our heads about how we should be surrendered to our husbands……and each of us thinking of times we could not do it. I know I wouldn’t advise any child to submit to a parent, who told them to smoke drugs with them! Would you? Yet the bible, “says what it says……” does it not? So we find ourselves in quite a pickle (at times) If we just pick up our bible, and treat it like a recipe for life. There are essential INGREDIENTS in the bible, but the recipe for our lives personally, is created by the Holy Spirit (for us as individuals.) 

Submission is a concept, applicable how the Holy Spirit directs, not how WE (or anyone else) decides it should be. if you are Bonnie to someone’s Clyde, you are going to jail with them. Therefore, Submitting to your husband is not always your first priority. It cant’ be. 

This doesn’t make the bible untrue. We Have GOT to get it through our heads, it’s a book of principles, concepts, ingredients, if you will. When we make cake, we don’t always put broccoli in it. Do we? Of course not? I hope you are following me, here. 

Yesterday I was in a quandary, as my husband wanted something from me, and I could not bring myself to submit to his request. This sent me running to my secret place, crying out to God as to what I should do. In the end, I came back and talked to him, and stated from my heart what was going on with me, and why I found his request to be so difficult. I prayed, and cried to the Lord for wisdom ……….

And you know what happened? He counselled us (the Spirit of God). I am not going to write a book about what happened, because next time, it might be a bit different. WE make the decision to follow (and Trust) God. He makes the decision how that looks to him, and to us…..for that day. Tomorrow, it might be a bit different. IF we are looking for a regimented plan (that never changes) we are probably after religion not relationship. Relationships are always changing, growing, expanding, and branching out. (Like a tree!).

I am so thankful when God plants a tree, it doesn’t look like a statue or a monument. It grows……the sky is the limit! Soon the tree has huge branches, providing shade, and a place for many birds to rest, and build their nests in the spring time. Well, that’s my sharing for today! Call on the Lord! Ask for his wisdom! Choose that over your own ways! he will guide you to what passage you need (for today). From his very own word. 

with Love, 

Laura Grace 

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