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Prophetic word from Father’s Heart Ministry: “Say in your Heart……”

“Say in your heart that you will be a defender of the weak and a champion of the defenseless. Because I am in you there is a limitless reserve of power and authority that flows in your veins. You will not fail. You will not come to nothing. You will not be forgotten for I will make My name famous in the lives of all of those who abandon themselves to Me. You will run through a troop. You will leap over the wall. You can and will get the job done if you simply choose to have the courage to initiate and get started.

Say in your heart “I am an initiator because the Author and the Finisher lives within me”! Your destiny will not be an abortion. You will bring to the birth those dreams and visions that you have held so precious to you for so long. Press in, says the Father. Be resolute. Refuse to look to the right hand or to the left and all will be fulfilled and brought to pass that I have promised.” 


-Prophetic word from Father’s heart Ministry 

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