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My Mission Trip. To some people that matter to Jesus……….by Laura Grace

            This past July I was led to schedule a mission trip. It was 5 days long. 
I made brochures and anointed them sent them to 65 churches. Got ONE reply but no speaking engagement I was ready too. I even called them as a follow up. I heard “We don’t let women preach” Or “we’ll get back to you” …..I felt so led to go. I was going to talk about getting God out of the box and spirtual pioneers. Anyway so Then the money for the trip evaporated and I said,  “God if this mission trip was you you’lll provide for it!
He did. …..a new person I just met gave me 500.00. 
He prayed. encouraged me. One stop God told me to make was in Missoula MT- a place called the Poverello center. When I (we Tim was with me) walked in there I saw nobody but a clerk behind a desk. God told me to grab the dollar bills in my car caddy and pass them out and say “I love them” so I did there were 17 dollar bills. When I saw no one I started to leave I saw no homeless no people so …..He said “Go back” so I went back- and saw a hallway. when I came around that corner I saw it led to a kitchen and there wre people with backpacks and things who just ate. (soup kitchen) 
I started passing out dollar bills saying God loves you and looking them straight in the eye as I did it. “thank you” “God bless you too” …..I got to the last people in a group (3) and gave them the dollars but they were different. One said “if you only knew our situation no place to live no car…..” 
I felt led to witness to them. I told them my story of how I used to live in Missoula. How broke I was car always breaking down….had faced homelessness……and tears running down my face said “It’s not about church it’s about Jesus’ give him your heart he will take care of you” …….He loves you” 
The gal saw had my book in my hand Grace to the Rescue it was what I used to hold the dollar bills she asked what is that? “My book” I gave it to her. they let me pray with them. 
It wasn’t until I waved and left the room that I realized I had passed out every dollar bill, everyone got one…….and there were none left. 
Only God could have done that. He planned it. Orchestrated it. 
The rest of the trip I prayed with who God led me to pray for. People who owned a store that was closing a little girl forced to play nanny for her aunt who seemed Messed up on drugs or something…
It was a remarkable trip. And the moral of the story is:
GO where God tells you to go! And forget the fanfare. 
Someone out there needs to hear “God loves them” ……you know? Laura Grace 

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