What’s stopping you from calling on the Lord?

You can always tell when someone has seen their sin and felt the weight of that sin in their life. When they realize they are forgiven they fall so deeply in love with Jesus, nobody can stop them or get them away from him. THEY KNOW! Nobody has to talk them into serving God, they just want to follow him forever.

This is the reality of what it means to be born-again. YOU KNOW you are nothing without Jesus. YOU KNOW how much grace you got when you received his forgiveness and love. Now you are unstoppable. For the rest of your life you will look for ways to testify about him and share what you know. Nobody can talk you into this, and it’s not for sale.

     Maybe today is the day, he is nudging you to just take the plunge, and get all in with Jesus! Have that long talk with him now. Hey Jesus! They say I can have so many great things if I just give my life and heart to you! Here it is “take my life” ….make something good out of it because I can’t seem to do it………” or…….

“Please show me who you are Father in heaven I want to know you.”

Come on, you have today! What’s stopping you? 😐He can help you with that too, if you just ask him……

I testify! I did that over 30 years ago and I’ve never regretted it. Just start talking to him. Write it down. Tell him what you need to get all in with him. He will help you! 


Grace to the Rescue pic.jpg

Psalm 144:7 “Stretch out Your hand from above; Rescue me and deliver me out of great waters”

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