I was thinking today about all the overcomers out there. Some of you have overcome huge obstacles, just to survive. We’re graced to do our part in this race called “Life in Jesus.”

Don’t feel bad if you are not out there like some out preaching the gospel.  just do your part!

Your Part may seem small right now, but it has a huge ripple-effect! Anything done IN GOD is like that stone in David’s Hand when he slung it at Goliath.

Maybe your kids seeing you overcome right now- is going to change the very course of their lives. Sometimes the people who hurt me most by giving up, not overcoming, not doing the right things…….were the very catalystists that caused me to turn to Jesus with all my heart and say “show me the way” Let me have a different outcome! 🙂

I just needed to share I believe you all make a difference. Every prayer makes a difference. Everything done in Christ counts! IN HIM we are always doing something and it all matters and adds up to our victory as a whole in the body of Christ.

Love you all Laura Grace 

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