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17 years now since I headed out to start a new life….following Jesus to “He only knew where” When I got on that bus so long ago. I asked him to lead me, I was so scared but I followed his leading. Prior to this I was a prisoner of fear, between a rock and a hard place, scared to stay and scared to leave and terrified to do anything about my situation but pray……..
IN the Heroes of faith I could have been one who died in faith not receiving the promise (Hebrews 12) but I begged God to let me escape the edge of the sword. He rescued me! ❤
I’ve told my story and it’s up to you to decide whether it’s a story of grace and redemption, or whether I broke some relligious rule that was never understood by those who don’t care to know the very heart of God in a matter…….
Seven years ago..I wrote the first copy of this book…..

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