All you need is love?

All you need is love?

I”m going to go ahead and share this, even though I risk losing some followers or (I hope not) but maybe even friends. I don’t know how many of you have ever thought about the fact that Abraham was told to “cast out” the bondwoman and her son (Ishmael). see, he was to wait for a promise, and he didn’t wait for it. His wife talked him into sleeping with the handmaiden to have a child, chaos followed, God said in concurance with Sarah, ‘cast them out.”

The emotions that went with this are not clearly described in our bibles, but I can bet it was a horribly emotional experience for him, and for the ones who were cast out. In light of what our own thoughts on “what Love should be” it doesn’t really add up (with human reasoning). The God of love said to cast them out.

It had to be so hard but, the child they had was not the child of promise, and they had not done things the way God commanded. Therefore, what God did not establish or do had to be “undone.” (selah).

God said he loved Jacob but “Hated” Esau! Why? God hates what is evil, and while he may not hate people, and hopes for the to come out of darkness and return (be reconciled to Him) he does not spend his energy and wear himself out chasing after people who literally hate him, and what he represents.

Furthermore, The book of 2 Corinthians was written to the church to describe how to treat our brethren (those in the church) but so often, we are unkind to our family in God, and spend our love and time on those who DON”T know God thinking that is evangelizing! Not so!

Evangelism is putting a line out for those whose hearts and minds are already prepared for and ready FOR HIM (good soil, willing hearts!).

It occured to me today that the reason the “love of many” will wax cold, is they are wearing themselves out trying to love people who hate God (and what he represents). “Matthew 24:12 And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.”

Was God saying it’s okay not to love anymore?

No, he wasn’t. He was saying they will be spent and wore out from trying to love those who are abounding in iniquity (sin).

God wants us shining for him. He is going to allow people to have their way and live without him for all eternity. There are folks in the last days who will curse God instead of repenting when times are hard. Don’t spend your time chasing after those who want nothing to do with God. Keep your lamps full of oil and be ready to help those whose hearts are truly crying out for him.

This is called being a wise (Matthew 25:8) and wisdom cries out and says ‘Listen to me!!” “Hear me!”

Are we listening for Him?

Laura Grace, Author, Grace to Grow

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