Thinking about Love today…..how do we do it?

Sometimes it just blows me away, how people treat other people! I know I post some great things (Such as the message previous to this one) but my job is to bring things to a more down to earth level, where people can relate to it.

When someone is shattered and hurt beyond words (by the actions of another) No amount of “You must forgive them” or “just love like Jesus’ type of words is usually going to help.

What they need at that moment in time, is acceptance and love-, in spite of how they feel right now.

We all know the greatest commandment is love, but the truth is, until we find we are loved by God in the midst of our anger, lack of love, rebellion even, or even our big fat hairy attitudes (at times), we will never know how to love others they way he did.

I wish I could tell you I learned to love because of all those great books I read, or great semons I heard, but it’s not true. The Holy Spirit taught me how. And I never could have loved people the way I do, unless I let his love for me soak in deep….

Anything else would have been fake, copy-catting, or just “holdiing my nose right” and pretending to love. 

Father, thank you for allowing us to be real with you. Amen!

-Laura Grace, Author, http://www.lauragracebooks.com 1 John 4 “We love him because he first loved us.”

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