You are not rejected……..

Gifts and Giftings (Again!) Because this is important!!

God has had gifts and giftings on my heart for weeks now. It’s not so much that people don’t know they are gifted, but often wind up not using them for God’s Glory.

Please listen, because this message developed out of a life time of feeling rejected and left out. I am not left out, and I am not rejected, but for years, I thought I was.

Why? Because that’s all I could see. I would pray and practice my guitar (for years) Learning all the songs from church “thank you Father you have a place for me” (I would say) “I am accepted and beloved in the brethren.”

Still, it never seemed to be the truth.

After awhile, the hurt developed into anger, as I experienced this supposed rejection, time and time again. It caused me to delve in for holiniess, purity, Knowing God’s word more……

The longing just to be a part of what God was doing (as I called it, being on the team). Not being chosen or selected to do things in church HURT so bad. It brought up reminders of school and not being selected for sports (because I was bad at it).

Why am I telling you this? BECAUSE, there are many out there who have decided not to even try anymore. They give up and call it humility. Others say, Okay I’ll go to church, sit on the pew, and “Not even try” and call it obedience.

Just because there is no slot for you, doesnt mean you are rejected by God. There are no trumpet players in most church worship bands, but that doesn’t mean trumpet players are rejected.

Some are anointed to be metal workers.Some are anointed to play guitar, some are artists, and some are called to preach but they seem to have no pulpit to preach from.

We often do not think of washing floors, installing doors, fixing windows, (and a host of other talents or gifts) as being ministry, but we need to start. We need to stop worshipping those who seem to be rock stars, and celebrate every ministry we see, (if they are truly helping!).

The Body of Christ needs to be built up (and it starts with you!).

Find someone and give them a pat on the back for what they do for God’s Kingdom! I know I’m going to. You are not left out! They are not left out! Someone out there needs your encouragment, that what they do does make a difference.

with love and blessings 
Laura Grace

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