Every day things……

Every day things……

I believe God has drawn me closer as I commune with him about everyday things, more than any other “Method” that might be out there. I talk to him about meals, ask for help creating them when I don’t have all the ingredients.

I talk to him about helping me organize my time, how I can be a good steward of what he gives me, I even ask him where to get my hair cut! Every little tiny thing we trust him with (and see him assist us) leads to more confidence in Him, that he is truly with us. He likes to be included!

Oh how I enjoy my time with my children! how much More God (with you?)

He loves to be included. in Everything! Sometimes I get in my car and say Lord thank you for going to town with me today? Guide me at the store! “Remind me what I need” for this week….

He doesn’t mind! (at all). Building relationship with him is the most important relationship you will ever have! He knows how to bless your other relationships too, and maximize them!

If you’ve never asked God to help you with the small things, even if you think you know how to do it already, I challenge you, try it today! You might be suprised what he wants to teach you!

Love you Jesus! praise you Lord! Thanks for being my friend!

PS: I incuded pictures of kitchen tools, to remind myself that whatever “Tools” I’ve been given, God shows me how to use them! 😁🤓😍. -Laura Grace

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