A Prayer To End Corona virus


I was thinking about Abraham this week, He asked God to save Sodom and Gommorah if there were just 10 righteous People. God said Yes but he could not find 10…….

I thought about God’s Mercy, and how even though we don’t deserve it, he does hear our prayers………

How he said if two or more will agree It shall be done!

So Many people out there have never seen a miracle………

Let’s just believe for one Okay?

That this Virus would be vanquished! ……..

and disappear as quickly as it came!

Let’s trust God that he is good and his mercy endures forever….(Psalm 107) 

and promise that if he will answer this prayer…..

we will give him the glory….

Father we believe that you are good! What ever we have ever blamed you for please forgive us! 

In our hearts we know you are good Father, that you are THERE and you really do CARE …

So we unite our voices right now in Prayer saying Father! Father we ask you “VANQUISH THIS VIRUS” 

We ask you to do it in such a way, everyone can see it was you Father! and have the option to give you the glory! (and praise) 

IN Jesus’ name…..the name above all names……amen

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