Miracles happen…….

People love the miraculous, “Things that are astounding.” The definition of miracle from one source is this: “The definition of a miracle is the occurrence of an amazing and improbable event, often interpreted to have religious origins and to have been caused by God.”

Long ago I said to God, “If I”m going to speak up for you and tell people about you, I need to see the reality of your promises being true in my life.” I understood I could not tell people something if I did not know for MYSELF It was entirely true….I don’t believe in “religious props for hire.” I don’t believe in being one of them, either. I’m not going to stand and tell people something that has not been proven (to be true) in my own life. God has defended me, restored me, justified me, provided for me, sheltered me, healed me, answered countless prayers (so many I can hardly remember them all). Does he do things my way? No, he does not. My story is Gods’ story “His imprint’ upon my life. I think from God’s perspective, the biggest miracle will always be a transformed heart, willing to please him. ❤

Mary was willing to bear the supposed shame of having a child that appeared to be out of wedlock, born in a manger and not in a grand palace. The wise men were willing to follow a star, keeping silent even tho the King ordered them to tell where the child was……Jesus didn’t do a fundraiser to provide for himself, the wise men brought them gold, frankencinse and myrrh in secret. Even our saviour’s birth tells the story of how God’s miracles really work. It was a miracle an angel warned Joseph not to go to Bethlehem (Matthew 2:12) but It was also a miracle Joseph listened. If he had not listened, Jesus may have been snuffed out by Herod’s evil edict.

When God chose Joseph to be Jesus’ “Parent” he knew Joseph would obey him. That’s why he chose him.

“I pray Father we see your hand in our lives today and see the Miraculous! I pray we will pay attention and trust your guiding hand, not grieving you by insisting upon having things our own way……and I pray for the miracle of transformed hearts……both now and forevermore….in Jesus’ mighty and powerful name. amen”

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