Psalms 119:130 “The entrance of thy words giveth light; it giveth understanding unto the simple.”

Yesterday, the scripture God gave me on the way to Stanford as I said “What do you want to say?” is the one that jumped up (in my heart).He didn’t give it to me to beat the drum about you had better study or read. No.

He was saying His Words bring LIGHT into the dark area of our soul, setting us free from something.It doesn’t matter how you get it. A song, a passage of scripture, or a movie you watched that had some truth in it, which gave you LIGHT (That orginally came from God’s word).

We are far too focused on Methods, and this is what causes all the division in the body of Christ. “HOW” to do things and the right way supposedly, trips us up every time.

We act like children, sometimes.

“No My DAD SAID YOU DO THIS,” we say, as the other says, “No Dad told ME to do this!”

Well, maybe he told you different things! So what? So long as the job got done, who cares?One person loves “the Old Rugged Cross” another loves modern music. One loves to sit and read scripture, while another likes a Daily Devotional.

If you are causing division- quibbling over how to get things done STOP IT. The entrance of God’s word brings light. It could be that old hippie song “Spirit in the Sky” Makes some one think about Jesus. Just be glad they thought about him, and rejoice! 🙂

-Laura Grace

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