The Testimony of the Little Pink Car…..

2014 Chevy Sonic Purchased in ND

Car Testimony:

God prompted me to post this so here goes.

In 2014 we were making good money in ND and my Jeep started to fall apart. It needed a tire rod, Had a lot of miles, I didn’t trust it on long trips anymore. I LOVE Jeeps so Tim said I could get another one. I wanted a Jeep Liberty. We went shopping one was 17,000 and high miles and didn’t ride nice. Another one when we got there the guy promised to hold it, but did not (I offered money down)

We had one frustration after the other, and In my heart I knew that vehicle was overpriced for what it was. People have always said “God wants you to have the desire of your heart” But I’m not sure I was aware of what the desire of my heart REALLY WAS. My brain wanted a Jeep Liberty I thought they were cool. I thought I would ‘Feel cool” driving one…..

I also had a fear of small cars because my dad called them “death traps” and never wanted me to have one. After the last Jeep debacle we stopped at a dealership I had said “I GIVE UP LORD” I guess I’ll fix my Jeep and be content.” …..

We walk into this dealership, and see this pink car marked down from 19,000 to $14,000, brand new, and 7000 miles on it only. It had pink lipstick on it Underlining the price.

The guy said ‘It’s a nice car” I said “I don’t wanta puddle-jumper” He said “drive it”..…..

I drove it and I was amazed! It had so much power and get up and go! More so than any vehicle I’d ever owned. We bought it I felt like God was saying “yes yes yes” (God my Father who isn’t afraid of little cars)

I have driven this car almost 100,000 miles now it went to 103,000 today. I have put 1000 in it only for a timing belt, we did the brakes, it needed a battery. 100,000 miles and never once had to use the warranty for anything!

It does great in bad weatherm it gets almost 38 mpg on the highway……today a clerk from the gas station came out and said “I just have to ask you, did you buy that car cause it’s CUTE or because of the mileage?

I said “Neither’ and told him the story.

And that my dears, is the story of how my Father knows best! And he is so kind to me! with Love, Laura

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