Jesus I know, Paul I know, but do they know you?

Delicate Issues…..(Laura Grace Here) I want to address a few things on my heart today. First of all, We need (to pray) Christ is formed within us and KNOWING God is the most important thing we can ask for. Rick Renner suggests understanding our Salvation and knowing what our armour does for us (and what it is, biblically) is crucial. I am reading “Dressed to Kill” by Rick Renner.

In Acts 19:15 it says “Acts 19:15 One day the evil spirit answered them, “Jesus I know, and Paul I know about, but who are you?”
The devil knows who I am, I can feel it when I pray and I know he has to flee. About a week ago I had a dream and in that dream I was laying hands on someone and said, “You Lying spirit, you have to go NOW in Jesus’ name!” I woke up knowing demons have to obey- and flee.

Everything we deal with is not the devil, however. There is something called “strongholds” In our mind, that word means “Fortress.” In the translation.
People build up walls to protect themselves from certain things. The same “Fortress” or stronghold in their mind becomes a barrier to input from others, pluls it makes us prisoners behind those very walls we build.

I”m going to suggest you ask God if you have any “strongholds” In your mind, (barriers to receiving what God has to say!) One common stronghold I often see is “God understands how I am (bla bla bla) and that may be so but he is out to Change us and transform us to be MORE LIKE HIM so we can have More Victory and More success! So let’s stop resisting GOD.

We are often are the problem. God isn’t wanting to get on your case, but please remember He is out to transform you, change you and allow Christ to be formed in you! It’s a voluntary process he will not FORCE on you. Love you all! peace and blessings! -Laura

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