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Taking God for granted…….?

In The book of Hebrews Chapter 10, we find that we can ‘insult’ the Spirit of Grace. 

Hebrews 10 NKJV –

How I receive the passage in Hebrews is, I said, “Father forgive me for taking you for granted. Sometimes I do. Sometimes I rush off and start my day and while I do pray, I forget what a treasure you are to me Father and I need to REMEMBER!!”

God is talking to his people in this passage, not “the rest of the world.” He is talking to those who have received his truth, and now treat it as if it were common, not a sacred keep. 

I need to remember what a treasure you are, Father, and how great it is. that you are even with me. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of what others are doing or the victories of others, at times we scarcely can find the grace to be happy for them, because we are so focused on the suffering of, or in, our own souls. 

It’s hard to remember when we are outraged- over what others do, that we ourselves could be cast out, fall from graceor even become guilty of the same things we think are so tragic, if we do not remember, and I mean truly remember, that we are saved by Grace alone. Help us remember Father, the last thing you said to us.

Sometimes Judgment, is simply this;  God stops talking, until you listen to and treasure what he said to you the first time, or the last time, that he spoke to you. If you were not listening, and have insulted him, how can you hear on how to be saved from upcoming trouble? Staying close to God, treasuring his words……..

This is where peace, life, health, and all good things are found. 

Help us Father, to treasure your words (to us) Help us to cherish you & love you and appreciate you always ….and help us, never to take you for granted- Father God.  As we aquire truth Father, help us Humbly receive it with thanksgiving, and not get a big hot shot attitude as if we ourselves are the real source of Truth, for you are! And we do thank you, that you love us enough, to share with us, your holy truths. 

this we pray, In Jesus’ name amen 

Heb 10: 26-29 by Laura Grace, author Grace to Grow (and others) Found on Amazon. 


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Etched In Stone: Yes, it’s personal

ROCK stoneJust as God wrote the 10 commandments on a slab of rock, He now wants to etch his words, into our very hearts and minds. This is what He did with the early disciples, and they became other sons, doing great and mighty exploits for Him. They didn’t have bibles, they were testimonies of what God prophesied He would do in the Old Testament. “I will write my laws on their hearts…….”

In Hebrews, 1-:16, as with many New Testament scriptures, the promise is written again, so that we find it in both the old, and the new. “I will write my laws into their hearts and minds, I will remember their sins no more.” His Laws. His directives. His revelation. His words to us, personally. Its part of the covenant we enter into, with Him. We give Him all of us, He gives us all of him. The only thing is, we can only receive so much at a time, because we live in a body of flesh and blood.

This is what God said to me. “Once I etch something into the heart and mind of a believer, it’s etched in stone.” They alone stand (are) accountable between me and them. To draw back (away) From what I have said to a believer, is to insult my spirit of Grace. (Heb 10:29)

To sin willfully, is to deliberately go against what I have told a person. This is personal, between me and them. It’s like if you told your daughter to wash the floor. Soon you find out she didn’t. She says, “My brother wasn’t, so I didn’t either.” Are you amused? No, you are not amused.” So you see, people are not accountable until God has spoken something to them (personally) and has etched it into their heart.

Walking by the Spirit (of God) is so crucial, so important, I cannot emphasize this enough. We need to stay focused on what God wants to say to US my friends, and if he does give us insight into the life of another, They will have already been prepared by God to hear it.

I pray right now for a Spirit of Obedience and submission to be upon us Father, that you would clearly reveal to your people, what you are saying to them today, and help them to receive this blessing, of your very words, being etched into their hearts and minds, just as we are also etched into the very palms of your hand. IN Jesus’ name. Amen.

Laura Grace