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Pride and Envy ..the story of Joseph and a little more insight on Him……

Genesis 37 (the story of Joseph) You know, there is more to this story too (other than Just Jealousy, or envy). They were afraid of him ruling over them……..

“Let’s throw him in a pit” they said, and see what becomes of his dreams……” 

Wow. Talk about a great family! Very loving, and Kind, eh? So Joseph had a vision (and dream) from the Lord, he spoke about it, and his brothers threw him in a pit. Left him to die, didn’t even care if they ever saw him again. Wow. 

And did God punish them for this behavior? Joseph WAS God’s chosen, you know? One would think God would have went after the with a vengeance……

But instead, he shaped Joseph more, watched over Him, Protected him, helped him stay sane. Then his day came ….

Turns out the calling was to serve not to rule over them with an iron fist (as they feared) ……and believe Me Joseph did not mince words when they had to come to him for help either….He said “What you meant for evil” .………..God turned out for Good (Paraphrased) and thus we have, the comparison to Romans Chapter 8 (New Testament). So what I learned from Joseph is #1 Stay Merciful #2 Stay Kind #4 Forgive them #5 Grow anyway and develop in God ……

AND forgive does not mean “you have to forget” ………

And sometimes God’s “vengeance” is not what we think it will be……….

The brothers had to come to him, acknowledge he was chosen…In order to be FED. 

Laura Grace Author, minister, and your companion in the Preaching of the Gospel of Christ 

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A season of “What I see” By Laura grace

This is going to be a season of “What I see” and God is going to cause me to speak into people’s lives “what I see” that God is developing, or what He has placed there or what he is doing or about to do ….in someone’s life. So I am praying today. This will be a season of him strengthening what is weak, edifying and building up that which seems to be hanging down ……He is going to encourage many, through me, and use me in this manner. You may consider this a proclamation! For it will come to pass….


amen. Laura Grace

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The power of Encouragement….. Worth it’s weight in Gold………

I don’t think a lot of people realize the struggle that occurs, in the fight to have a Passionate life. As Christians we so often fill our world with platitudes. “I’ll pray for you” we say (I say it often) and I really do, however……

There are just days when none of it really seems to help. Not that we aren’t grateful (for prayer) but when we’re still enduring the pain of some crushing blow, a huge disappointment, a tidal wave of fear wondering if anything is ever going to change…..

At that moment sometimes we just need a hug. A listening ear. Someone to say “It’s going to be okay and, by the way “I believe in you.”

Looking back on my life, I think about all the wonderful things I have experienced, fine dinners out at times, Lovely times looking at the moon, the stars, the beauty of nature…….

Times of abundance when the bills were paid and I actually got to go somewhere “cool”…

But you know what? I don’t know about you, but I treasure most the times when I was at my darkest hour, my lowest point, My “Worst day ever” and someone said, “I believe in you” “You’re going to make it” ………”Better days are ahead”……

Or like a friend said to me “I’m not going to quit, let’s not quit” ……….

Ah the power of affirmation………oh the treasures of the heart when someone speaks life to you and chooses not to do you in with a big shovel full of criticism…..

Love you Lots my Friends! You know who you are! -Laura Grace