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Creative Ways to Evangelize …..

MOney 1You don’t have to be a big-name evanglist, to help win the lost, or fulfill the great commission. 

I hate to tell you this, but the world is not interested in your religious theologies, as much as they want to know if you (truly) care.  I have a friend that told me how she paid for someone’s bill, while standing at Walmart. She had some extra money, a woman could not pay her tab, so she stepped forward and offered to pay the bill. 

In December of this year, I was led to go to a Senior citizen’s center, and pass out 5.00 bills saying “God bless you” (and prayed for every one of them.) People know you are a Christian, they are watching you! If you have something in your hand to help, and you have peace about it, just do it (as unto the Lord!).

You know, in this world, people often want something in return when they give. There is often this “now you owe me,” type mentality (which is not of God!). Why then, would we insist people come to church to be blessed?

Long ago, a woman who was on a bus with me, and saw me not get food at one of the major stops, handed me a readers’ digest and said “Open it when I’m gone.” Inside was a 10.00 bill and a note that said, “Get something to eat,” and “God bless you.” 

That moment made me think, “Maybe there is a God, and maybe he cares about me!” Listen, we have to get creative, get out of the box, and stop trying to do Evangelism the way it’s been done in times past.  

I”m not against church my friends, but please listen to me! People who are hurting, broken and who need to know GOD IS REAL, often do not need you putting strings on their blessings. If it looks to them like you just want them in church next Sunday, (giving tithes and offerings), sorry, but they aren’t likely to really respond all that much to your saying how bad they need Salvation. Show love, plant the seed, and let it lay there! GIVE THEM that unconditional love, that led you to Christ. 

Ask God to water those seeds, make himself real to them, and bring them in to wherever he wants them to go! Love without strings, give without needing a cerain outcome (FREELY GIVE)…….

I live by a saying “It’s just crazy enough to be God.” so often, the ideas he gives me to bless others is “out of the box” from anything I’ve done before or heard of anyone else doing. Get Ready, for your “out-of-the-box idea” today, (when you pray). The Harvest is ready! Let’s get going…….with Love and blessings, 

Laura Grace 



Matthew 5:16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may seeyour good works and glorify your Father in heaven